Donovan Turns 2!!

Although if you ask him, he tells everyone he's going to be 5! :) Not sure where he got that from.

You can see more pictures from his party here

Looking back on last years Birthday post of where he was at and to where he is now...wow! It's amazing what a little person can learn in a year!

Over the last year he has learned:

 * to walk! :)

*to recognize the alphabet (capital letters he's got down, we are working on lower case letters now, he misses a little under 1/2). We were rather surprised that he knew these, I haven't worked with him at all on the alphabet.

*shapes (the names to the shapes on the tupperwear shape ball, even the difference between a pentagon and hexagon).

*colors (these took him a bit longer, but he's got them down for the most part)

*Alphabet Sounds (he and Annika have been learning these together).

* He talks in full sentences and sometimes too much! Annika told us the other day that he must be a girl because he talks so much (she than said she was just teasing).

*He has also learned numerous songs which he sings when he's in his crib.

*I'm sure I'm missing some!

His Likes:
*slides (playgrounds in general, but loves slides)
*coloring with markers
*chocolate cereal w/ marshmallows (we ran out and he's been asking for it since)
*Thomas the Train (I think he might be moving out of the princess stage)
*hide and seek
*singing...he LOVES music
* throwing stuff down the stairs (much to the dismay of his parents)
*freeze-y pops
*pop (he's definitely his daddy's son). If I ask him what he wants to drink he says, "how about pop?"

His Dislikes:
*bed time
*nap time
*when daddy leaves (this makes him very sad)

Fun Facts:
*he's wearing last years summer clothes this summer (size 12 months)
*he loves playing with Annika's blue princess (Cinderella)
*when I asked him what he'd like to drink, milk or water he would answer, "how about some pop?"
*is new question is (since he's moved out of the "how about...'fill in blank' stage), "Should we...(fill in the blank)?" Like "should we have some cake, mom?"
*he ends every sentence with the name of the person who he is talking to (see above "should we..." question.
*he sleeps with a knit (or crocheted) blanket, it doesn't matter what color or whose it is.
*if he even sees a knit (or crocheted) blanket and he's tired his fingers (pointer and middle finger) will automatically go into his mouth (indicating that he's tired or wants a blanket).

Birthday Photos: (I didn't post the one of him sleeping at the top b/c I thought you'd like to see his smiling face).

June 26, 2009 - 12:35 a.m.

June 26, 2010 - 12: 35 a.m.

June 26th, 2011 - 12:35 a.m.

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