Happy Birthday Great-Grandpa!!

Happy Birthday!


Big Sister...

I guess this is what happens when you have a big sister!

And together!


Is this Bad?!?



Book Review

The Busy Couples's Guide to Sharing the Work & the Joy
"Smart solutions to dozens of household dilemmas couples face every day."

Kathy Peel in her book seeks to help a person manage the life of their family and to share the responsibilities of the family among all the members. The book covers many aspects of life from managing finances, household chores, meal planning, and even how to manage special events such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, ect. . .

Kathy shares some great tips on how to manage almost every aspect of your life like activities to do with your children that don’t cost a lot and how to save money at the supermarket. One chapter I thought helpful in these challenging economic times was her chapter on managing finances in general. She has worksheets to complete which helps a person put into practice her ideas. She also shares stories of people that have struggled with some of these areas and how she has or would help them. There are many helpful things in this book: from the real life accounts of people (it is nice to know that you are not the only one struggling), to the many different worksheets to help you complete as a family.

While the book brought out many helpful tips and practical ideas, I wouldn’t recommend sitting down and reading the book all in one sitting. I think it would be better to read a chapter a week so you have more time to focus on certain areas. While the book also shares some good Bible principles it is not a book meant to change your heart. In other words, there are great ideas here from a Christian perspective but the book is not a Bible teaching manuel.

I would recommend this book to others if you are looking for great practical advice and tips on managing your life with less stress.

I received a free copy of “The Busy Couples Guide to Sharing the Work and the Joy” from Tyndale Publishing for the purpose of reviewing.


A Couple of Videos

Donovan has had sweet potatoes for about a week now. He is really enjoying solid foods. However for some reason today he didn't seem to enjoy them that much...and yet he kept eating them!

Next is a video of Annika. She was helping me write a shopping list.


6 Months (and then some)!

It's hard to believe that Van-man is already 6 months (and then some). I forgot my camera charger at my in-laws so these pictures are a bit before he turned 6 month.

Donovan's Stats:
Weight: 14lbs 5 ounces (20%)
Height: 24 3/4 inches (5%)


As you can tell from the percentages he's a little on the little side. He actually hasn't grown length wise at all since his 4 month check-up. He is smaller at this age than Annika was (not by much about a pound and little under an inch). We were wondering if we would have a little chubby boy, but for now it doesn't look like it! :) However this may soon change as we have embarked on the world of food.

With Annika I took a picture of her the minute she was born at 6 months old...I didn't get a chance to do with Donovan for two reasons: 1)He was born at 12:35 am, and 2) I forgot (I was even awake)....I don't think he'll be too disappointed!

Donovan is such a fun baby. He is very different from Annika (it's amazing how different two kids can be and still be related). He is happy to hang on the floor and smiles all the time. Of course he has a reason to smile now that he has gotten his 2 front teeth (bottom) for Christmas.

Whenever you see him he usually has his first two fingers of his left hand in his mouth as they are his best friends, they entertain him when he is bored, calms him when he is sad, and helps him go to sleep when he is tired. ;)


He has done very well at all of his doctor's appointments, he loves to smile at all the nurses and cries VERY little when he gets shots, usually he is mad b/c we hold him down as soon as mommy picks him up and his 'friends' enter his mouth (his fingers) he's good to go.

Donovan also LOVES people, he loves to watch faces and will let anyone hold him. It's not unusual for me to walk into church and not hold him for the whole morning. But he loves the attention!

He is rolling all over the place (the only way he knows how to get around these days). He has gotten up on hands and knees (once) but can't seem to get the hang of it. He also likes to stand and occasionally tries to let go of you, but soon finds out that he can't do that yet. He also is getting better at sitting up on his own, but still needs help some of the time.

Two of his favorite things these days are Lincoln (our dog) and Annika. If Lincoln is by Donovan, he is constantly watching him and looking at him, probably trying to figure out what the harry thing is. Donovan ADORES Annika. It's soo fun to watch her come into a room and see him light up with smiles. She's pretty good with him, but has her moments....she is still learning the fine art of sharing and loves to play "tug-o-war" with his arms...don't worry when we see this it soon ends w/ her not winning! ;)