Just for fun...

Okay, so I saw this on another person's blog and thought I'd try it out. Feel free to use it if you would like. I have always wondered who Annika looked like. Everyone says she is definitely a Stertz. But this says she looks more like me...no wonder she is sooo cute (don't tell David I said that)! :o)


It's been awhile...

Sorry it's been awhile, we've been pretty busy. Here is a slide show of some recent pictures of Annika.


Annika 5 Month Pictures

Here are the pictures we got taken of Annika. The lady took them on Monday and sent us a CD by Thursday. She did such a wonderful job!!!

I downloaded them all to a Picasa Album so click on the picture and you will be able to see them all (warning there are 66 of them). :o)

Annika 5 Month Pictures


Jump and Go

Had to share this great deal I found today. We have this small town near where we live called Stacy and in this town they have this small store called Country Value (or something like that). :) But anyways, David and I stopped there today just to look around (this store sells Targets last season items for cheap...i.e. all clothes brand new are $2.50). But I was browsing through the store and found a jump and go (one of those things you hook to the frame of a door, like a Johny Jumper). I wasn't sure if Annika would like it or not, she doesn't seem to like the exasuacer someone gave us, so I thought I'd talk to David and see what he says. We decided to purchase it since it was only $13.00 and we really have not bought much for Annika (most of the stuff was hand-me-downs....fyi I love hand-me-downs). So we got it home and found that the original price is $40.00 (they still sell it at Target) we were sooo excited and then we put Annika in it and she LOVED it!!!

Okay and I just had to post this picture because it was really cute...hat and all! :)


Just a Quick Note...

All is well here. Annika is about ready to turn 5 months old...wow where has the time gone! We have had a busy week and this next week will be just as busy. I am taking Annika to get her pictures taken on Wednesday (the 8th). I will post some of them when I get them back. For now here is one I took of her outside yesterday.