Quiet Time



New Addition...

They tell us this one is a BOY!! It sure looked like it to me through the ultrasound (I didn't post those pictures...didn't want to embarrass the little guy). My due date is the 27th of June (not the 29th like I originally thought). The baby is measuring a little on the small side but other wise everything is GREAT!

My hospital just recently went to using 3D ultrasounds..it's pretty amazing to think that these two pictures are the exact same!

5 Tiny Fingers!

The baby wasn't very cooperative for the ultrasound so we didn't get any pictures of the face, but that's okay!


Lincoln would like to join Annika...

...in the bathtub!

The other night I was giving Annika a bath and went out of the room for a short bit and came back in and this is what I saw....if you notice he (Lincoln, the dog) is stuck!

Annika has a little purple rubber ducky that Lincoln would just love to sink his teeth in (and if he did get a hold of it, it wouldn't lasts long). But he was bound and determine to try and get that duck. Below is a short video. You can hear Annika telling him "just wait puppy." Annika and Lincoln have gotten along very well lately, they {love} to play with each other!

...Oh and by the way, he did make it into the bathtub...I just missed it on camera...Annika was thrilled to have him in there (don't worry he didn't stay in there long at all)!!


In Trouble?!?!


New Baby Doll and Old Dress

At church yesterday a lady gave Annika her Christmas gift (a bit late, but Annika LOVES it). She got her a new baby doll (which far surpasses any doll that we have given her)! This baby is amazing. It cries (yes the last thing we need in our house is a crying baby we'll get enough come June), not only does it cry it laughs, giggles, and blinks it's eyes and falls asleep and when the baby is sleeping you can even see the stomach go up and down as it breaths.

At first Annika wasn't to sure of it, she didn't like that it cried. Christine would try and hold it out to her and Annika would push it away and walk backwards, but it very quickly became one of her favorite toys.

Here's a few videos:

Thank You Hindt Family for the baby doll!!

And I had to share this picture of what Annika wore to church on Sunday:
a) because she looked really cute, and....
b) because I bought this dress (not the sweater) for my neice when she was Annika's age (she's 9 now)!!