Daily Happenings....getting caught up!

Recent pictures!

Chowing down on his sister's lunch (she's outside) and he already ate his own!

Annika's new hat and skirt (made by mama)! She loves it!

Annika and Mama made Monster Cookies! MMMmmm! Recipe to come!

Van is getting bigger! Look how long he looks in this picture!

Sweet girl! Look at the red highlights in that hair!

My Van-man!

I have an order for 8 name plaques so Miss Annika got to watch a movie....kind of. :)


VBS Week


We are still here... (quick update)

Life is just a "little" bit busy right now. Last week David took some kids to Camp Northland for Bible camp which left me home with the kiddos, to work on VBS decorations (which took almost everyday of the week and up until about 10-11 pm at night. This week we are in full swing of VBS. I will come back and blog again....when I have time! :)

But I'll leave you with a picture from last week (when daddy was gone. It was such a busy week I decided to get up and make the kids and myself a yummy breakfast. The problem: I was us at 6 and had stuff ready by 9am and my kids were still sleeping and I was starving...so I did wake them up to feed them! :) I don't think they minded!



Happy 4th of July