Bloggy Giveaway


I am entering the bloggy giveaway carnival. Which means good things for you as my blog readers. This giveaway is for anyone who reads my blogger (whether you have a blog or not). I do ask that you be in the US.

It's easy to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win the prize. I will then draw a number (your number is the number in the order of which your comment was left on the page. I will contact you immediately and we can go from there.

The Prize?!?

A personalized name plaque for either your child or family last name (it's your choice) I can fit up to 10 letters on each plaque. You can also pick the "main" color (the example belows main color is pink).

This is one that a friend made for Annika when she was born. I have made 5 of these for nieces and nephews but have not taken any pictures of them. It will not be exactly like this but similar.

Thanks for entering!

Please do not comment more than once.

The contest will end Friday Feb. 1st at 12:00pm.

You can click here to see other bloggers involved in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival.

Added Wednesday afternoon: Check back at my other blog in a couple of weeks for a free name plaque giveaway for the month of February (anyone in the USA can enter).


New Things...

Who doesn't like to get new things?!? I love getting new things, especially when I find them at great deals! This past weekend I went to Old Navy because I heard they were having 50% off all their clearance items. I thought I'd go and check it out.

I bought alot of Annika's clothes for next fall (5 shirts, 2 hoodies, 3 pairs of pants, a coat, hat and mittens). The most I payed for one item was a peacoat for $6.00.

Annika wanted to say a special thank you to Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie for sending the money for Christmas that we were able to use to purchase these clothes!

She loved playing with the mitten. She has never worn mittens before (she is a thumb sucker and in the car if she has gloves on she can't suck her thumb and it would make for not fun car rides).


Green Bay Packers....

Need I say more?!?!?


Because I can...

add more...

Annika just got this slide climber from a couple at our church whose kids have outgrown it. We thought we'd put it together to see what she thought of it (that and we are watching a little boy tomorrow evening and thought he might enjoy it).

Little did we know that not only Annika liked it but....

Here is a video of her sliding (sorry it's dark we took the clip on the digital camera).

Lost...but found...

I seem to have lost my camera cord over Christmas, but I was able to find another that works. So I have pictures again!!

Annika with her new walking toy (she really doesn't walk with it...she pushes it around while on her knees). :o)

This is the sight I see when I come up the stairs from doing laundry. Yes, both sit like that on a regular basis!

Check out the thighs on these babies! :o) Annika and her friend, Timmy. Timmy is 2 months younger than Annika.

Just because I thought this one was cute!

Mom, is she not like me or what?!?! Mac-n-Cheese! For those of you who do not know...I am an avid Mac-n-cheese fan. I ate this growing up ALL the time...it wasn't unusual for me to eat it everyday and sometimes twice a day (that's two boxes...I would of never warmed it up...YUCK!). To this day my favorite food is still Mac-n-cheese. Although I don't eat it quite as much, however it's not unusual for me to have it at least twice a week! Just starting her while she is young!

Hope you enjoy. I have a video of her I will try and post another time.


10 months...(tomorrow)

Only 2 more months until Annika tuns one!

Favorite List:

Food: bananas and wheat bread (plain, crust and all...she takes after David) :o)

Activity: She loves to "chase" Lincoln around. She'll grab his rope and bring it to him, because she thinks he needs to have it if he's awake (or sleeping for that matter). She'll give it to him (after about 3 seconds of tug-o-war and when he pulls her down). She than proceeds to "chase" him all over the house. He does not bring it back to her (we have tried to teach him this but he just wants to keep it all for himself).

"chase"= crawling on belly (yep, she still will not crawl on hands and knees she knows how we have seen her do it countless times, but she always ends up on the belly).

Song: Anything she can sing to. She loves to be involved in choir and the Sunday evening service when she can sing.

Toys: Lincolns tug-o-war rope or anything that belon
gs to him!

Skills: :o) She waves "bye-bye", says "Yay" while clapping her hands, brushes her hair, and tonight she started saying "Oh, Oh" in a high pitch voice while holding the phone up to her ear. (I don't know where she got this from, I do not talk on the phone like that)She is now pulling up to her knees when she does this she just gives you this cheesy grin. She is climbing on everything and learned tonight how to climb the stairs.

The many faces of Annika:

The "watcha doin'?"

The excited!

The not so sure!

The tired!

The grumpy!

The happy!