Lookin' for a New Car?!?

 So...Are ya lookin' for a new car?!?

 You are?!?!? I got just the beauty for you!

Look right over here.

 She shines like a sparkling diamond...

 What do you mean that's not what you want?!?

 It's got newer tires, new battery...

 It's got EVERYTHING you could possibly want!

 What can I do for YOU...to get you to buy this car?!?

 Price....price you say?!?! 
 For you, I'll knock $500 off!

How can you refuse a deal like that?!?!

 Boy...oh boy...you're a tough sell!

 This is my last offer...take it or leave it....$700 off!

 You'll take it?!?!? Now we're talking!

 Baby, let me walk you to your new car!!!


**Update on Van

We went to the doctor yesterday for Van's weight check. He gained .6 pounds in 2 weeks which is progress (but we were hoping to see a bit more). When I said before that he was in the 3% I was wrong...he was not even on the chart (and still is not). He did however in the 2 weeks show a consistent growth, the line was a sharp turn up instead of a straight and steady line across (I hope that makes sense, I'm not sure how to explain it without a picture and that I don't have). We have upped his formula intake (but we're still holding onto the morning nursing also). The doctor didn't want to wait until his one year appointment (which would be in 2.5 months) so we go back in a month to see how he is doing. Hopefully we'll get this figured out sooner rather than later. :)


A Sneak Peak and All Done!

This is a sneak peak at one of Annika's 3 year old pictures. I've not edited it any. I'm working on editing the ones I have and I'll share more later!

Van just learned how to sign "All Done"!


Same Pants

I was looking at pictures yesterday and found this one of Van. In this picture he's a little less than a year (sorry) Month old. ;)

I looked over at my smiling little boy sitting next to me on the ground happily playing and realized that he's wearing the same pants (at 9 months old). :)


Book Review - Not a Sparrow Falls - Linda Nichols

“Two Desperate People- One With All the Answers...One With None”
I put this book at the bottom of the stack of books I had to review, I looked at it and read the back cover and decided this was the one I was the least interested in. When I finally got to this book it took me a few days to actually grab it and start reading. I also got through the prologue and wasn’t to sure how much I would like the book.

After I started reading the book, I had a hard time putting it down. I thought Linda did a wonderful job writing the book. Her characters were well thought out she was clear on many aspects of the happenings in the book. I thought her use of doctrine was pretty good also. I would definitely recommend this book to others!

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing for the purpose of reviewing.