Pretty in Pink



First Snow Fall of '08

Last week we had our first snow fall. I took Annika out in it and she had a blast!



A lady from our church gave us a Tickle-Me-Elmo for Annika. She did not like it the night they gave it to us but it was 10 p.m. and we figured she was just tired. The next day when she woke up we decided to give it a try again....

Well, we found out she still doesn't like it. She will carry it around everywhere, but if you ask her if she wants to turn in on she shakes her head no. She even starts to cry when she watches Elmo in this video.

Here's a picture I took of her yesterday while playing outside with some bubbles!



Halloween & New Sentance

Last night Annika got all dressed up and went trick or treating. We started the evening (or the afternoon) by taking her to the nursing home where she handed out candy to the older people there. She did a great job! Especially for a little girl who wanted to keep the candy, but did a good job having a good attitude. After the nursing home I took her to the local outlet mall where they hand out candy. We hit all the stores and she got a pretty good bag of candy! We then went to a bombfire people in our church were having. It was a good evening and a good time. Here's a few pictures of her in her Halloween Costume: A Lady Bug Fairy. I had such a great time making this outfit and it turned out pretty good and did not cost that much to make and now she has a new dress up costume!

She has also learned her first 4 word sentance! We were sitting in her room the other day when she found a moth on the floor. Zoey than came and joined us and proceeded to eat the moth.

Halloween & New Sentance