Something Different...

We are in need of something different besides the Easter pictures. A couple of weeks ago we went to our neighbor's house who just got a backdrop for taking pictures so we thought we would try taking some family pictures and Annika's one year old pictures. The only problem was that we had a very crabby baby at the time. Here are a few of the shots that we got...

We decided to give it another try some other time. We got a few good shots but not anything grand (very few of her smiling). I have to say I love the last two of her laying down. We decided after those two that she was really done and that's how she told us. :)


Happy Easter!!!

(click picture to enlarge)


A day in the life.....

I know I just posted about all the snow (which by the way is gone) but I wanted to share some pictures from Annika's busy day (at home) Tuesday with you...

She started the morning out with bubbles....

Grandma Gabi got Annika some bubbles for her birthday. These are no ordinary bubbles...once blown into the air and given enough time these bubbles don't pop very easily. Annika loved them!!

They even stick in your hair!

Next she was playing around with a hat I got her for 10 cents from a garage sale last summer that will fit her this summer....I think she's hoping summer will come soon...I know I am.

Then we colored with these great crayons that our neighbors got Annika for her birthday.

And last but not least I let her try her first warm gooey chocolate chip cookie....she love it!


More snow poppin' in...

Well I have to say...I thought spring was coming. When we woke up yesterday it sure didn't look like it! We got about 6 inches of snow. I thought I would take Annika out in it. She really liked it. However, it did not last long. It was so pretty yesterday with the snow and the weather in the 40's. Needless to say there is not much snow left.

Enjoy the pictures.


Thank you Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kathryn, Uncle Bryan and Uncle Benjamin!!!!

Annika wanted me to thank you for the birthday money you sent her that she was able to purchase this toy. She absolutely loves it! Well...now that she is learning to pop up the animals all by herself!

P.s. She also got a white pair of dress shoes for easter and this summer, while she likes those, she likes the toys better. She says the shoes were more for mom than her! :o)


Annika's B-day Pictures

What a more appropriate way to write my 100th post than to post about Annika's b-day! We started this blog a little over a year ago to share with friends and family our life with the coming of a little "boy." :o) Boy (pun not intended), were we surprised a year a go when a little girl came to join our family instead!

I took 96 pictures don't worry I spared you a few. :o)

Just wanted to update you all on her stats....we went to the doctor. Poor Annika got 4 shots and needs 3 more when she's 15 months. She didn't mind the shots as much as she hated being held down (as soon as I picked her up she stopped crying).

Weight- 20 pounds 10 ounces (w/ diaper on)
Height 29 inches

50% for both. She's finally starting to gain some weight (she eats tons). :)

Have a great day!


Annika's 1 Year Photo

Well, she did it with no help from us...she turned one!!

Annika 1 Year ago 9:33 am...

Annika today 9:33 am...

I will share pictures from her party tomorrow...


A sad day.....

Yes you read the title correctly.....it was a sad day today at the Stertz household....

Good Bye Favre!


7 Random Things....

Well I saw this on KJ's site and she tagged whoever read it...I have not done one of these and thought it might be interesting.....now if I could only think of what to write.....

1. I love to wear jeans and t-shirts and hats are my best friend. Most women say diamonds are their best friends but my best friend is my baseball caps!

2. I like to be organized, but you would not know it by looking at my house (nothing ever seems to be in the right spot). But I know where everything is.

3. I love to use cloth diapers on Annika. Washing them every other day does not bother me one bit. They have also saved us a lot of money (well kind of....) :) If I didn't feel the need to buy such cute covers all the time (but we have enough now) and it will definitely save if we have another (no it's not an announcement)!

4. I love to go for walks (which I do not do now b/c it is sooo cold out) but I do not like to walk on my own.

5. It's fun being a pastor's wife, a job I never expected to see myself doing when I was in high school because I was not interested in getting married or have kids.

6. My favorite breakfast foods are oreos, little debbie snacks, and brownies (don't worry I don't do this very often b/c I would be as big as a house)!

7. I did not like being pregnant. I had a hard time gaining all the weight it was not something that I enjoyed, but I love having Annika around.

Hmmm....now I guess I get to tag someone....lets see....I tag....Debbi, Karen, & Ginny


Bad Hair Day....

She is now starting to understand the concept of a tooth brush and has not been using it for a hair brush. Thought you might enjoy the picture.