A sleeping baby

It's hard to believe that she is going to be one in a couple of weeks. She looks so small when she is sleeping. Just wanted to share this picture...what mother doesn't like a sleeping baby??


Annika Videos (overload) :o)

Annika has been very busy (as well as her parents). She is watching everything we do and copies us all the time. She is picking up on things soo quickly.

She has learned to sign "more" (she added that to "please" and "all done") we are working on "eat".

Here are some short videos of her and some of her accomplishments...

Annika doesn't seem to have much of a desire to walk on her own. If we stand her up on her feet and hold her hands she drops down to her knees. She loves to stand holding onto the couch and walk around. But will not do it any other way...until...we got out the walking toy....

Next up: I have been working on trying to get this on camera for awhile now. She finally let me video tape her...

And last but not least....Here's is a video of her saying "kitty, kitty, kitty" this is by far one of my favorites...I never get tired of her saying this (sorry about the brightness). Annika LOVES the kitty, however Zoe does not feel the same!

Have a great day!


Poor Annika

Annika has not been feeling real great lately. We made it to Sunday School yesterday but came home afterwards because she wasn't feeling well. This morning she was still not feeling well (she coughed from about 4am-8am) I was up and listened to her the whole time. I felt so bad for her.

So off to the doctor we went...after a fun wait in the waiting room a little boy wouldn't leave her a lone and it didn't make her happy (especially after grabbing her arms three times). We got in and they weighed her (our little Annika...she only weighed 19 lbs and that was with a diaper and a onsie on). :)

The outcome....poor Annika has a double ear infection (not too bad, but enough to warrant medication) and she got Albuteral (not sure if I spelled that right) an inhaler for her cough. They told us that they were going to watch her for asthma (he thinks that could be why she has been coughing since Thanksgiving), we are hoping this is not the case.

But a real fun story. I went to Walmart to pick up her prescriptions she was in the front of the cart and the lady at the desk was typing in the information and the other lady next to her was looking at Annika and found out that she was sick and they said, "ahhh...poor little girl is sick" and on cue poor little baby's lip came jetting out and out comes the tears...before this she was just fine! The ladies began to laugh b/c it was soo perfectly on cue (I laughed also). So she finally got over that and was fine for the half hour we had to wait so we went and looked at all the little baby dress (bought her some hair bows) and then went back to pick the prescription. When we were just about to leave the same ladies were at the counter and started to talk to her again....and guess what!! Yep, right on cue out popped the lip and she started complaining again....we all said good-bye laughing...except for Annika (but of course when we got to the check out she was just fine looking for a kitty-kitty). :)

Here's a picture I took of Annika while we were visiting my family back home. This is my best friends little girl Shelby...Shelby loves babies (especially little girls, you see Shelby is the only girl in her family and has 5 older brothers).


Annika's 11 months old...AHHHH

One month and she's going to be one...wow!!

I purchased Annika a new shirt. I probably paid to much for it (I purchased it with some of my left over Christmas money), but I absolutely love it! Here are a few pics...

Shirt says, "Kickin' it Old School" and has a safety pin on it)

I have just recently started to plan for her birthday party. After looking through all these different little girl themes (and seeing how expensive some are), I had originally decided to go for a princess theme (however David says it just doesn't fit with her...who would of thought a dad would say that about his little girl?!) So I have officially decided to do a polka dot theme. I'm excited about everything. I am making mostly everything myself with some help from online sources. I'll post pictures when I am finished.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy (a day late)



Bathtime and so much more

Here are a few pictures of Annika I took yesterday before and after her bath.

Next is a video of her doing all of her new "tricks" (kind of makes her sound like a dog).

The pictures are a little blurry in the slide show. I will try and fix them later, it's late now and I'm going to bed! :)

P.S. YAY for the Giants! Even though I'm a Packer fan I was glad to see Eli win a Super Bowl Ring!


And the Winner is....(drum roll)

Congratulations to Angela
She is the winner of the name plaque.

Thank you to all who have participated and checked out my blog!

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So little time, so much Annika

Well, my blog has been bogged down with the whole Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. Stay tuned as tomorrow one lucky person will win a personalized name plaque. I will have another drawing in a couple of weeks at my other blog for another name plaque giveaway...so stay tuned!

Now back to Annika...

Recently she has been trying to copy anything David or I (or anyone for that matter) does. She was playing Peek-a-boo with a lady in our church but covered her ears instead of her eyes. Her new things are trying to snap her fingers, doing so big, touch down (similar to so big but with just one arm), she signs "please" and "all done," she can point to nose, eyes, pick out from a group of toys her baby, bunny, and duck. She is picking up stuff so fast and it's been fun to watch her. She is really starting to move now. She is not walking but will stand next to her walker and use it (not sit in it just stand and walk beside it). My mom bought her a walking toy for Christmas but she likes the walker better. :o)

She is working on her mollars and her 2 other bottom teeth came through. She now has 8 fully visible teeth (four top and four bottom).

Here are some recent pictures of Annika...

Annika and I just recently went home to see my family. We were able to stay with my grandma (Annika's great-grandma).

On the train ride to see Grandma's! Lovin' her baby?!? OR Eatin' her baby?!?

Who doesn't like a good ole' Diet Cherry Pepsi?? She decided to skip the diet, caffine free, mountain dew...why drink pop, Grandma?!?! :o)
Here's a picture of Annika and her great-grandma:
This picture was taken yesterday. I made her a new cloth diaper and wanted to get some pictures. I thought this was just a really cute picture.

Last but not least...who doesn't like a crabby baby?!?! She was not happy!. Hope you enjoyed...sorry it's been awhile!