Daddy's balancing act...

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David came out from Annika's room balancing her on one hand. She does pretty good sitting up and sitting still.

My thoughts exactly: Do you know how much she cost?!?!?


Annika Speaks...

Here is a video of Annika talking...she just wants to say hi!

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Mother's Day

Family Picture

Happy Mother's Day!

Mama and Annika


It's hard being a youth pastor

Tonight David had the guys in our youth group over. He had the tough job of playing x-box with them! What a tough job for a youth pastor huh?!?! :o) The pictures did not turn out the greatest because I had to hurry up and take them (as you can tell some didn't want their pictures taken). They guys had 2 x-boxes and played 4 players on each x-box. I am not a video game player so I do not understand all the in and outs of it. But I know they had fun, I listened to them all night! What a joy it is to minster to teens, whether through video games at our house on a Friday evening or youth meetings on Wednesday evenings.

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Lincoln didn't appreciate Anthony picking on him and started barking!

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They are concentrating sooo hard!

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Annika and Daddy

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Daddy's Girl!

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Daddy and Annika having a serious conversation about dating! :)

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Daddy knows how to quiet Annika down when she's screaming...whisper in her ear.


2 Months

Annika turned two months old today (how time flies). She had her well-baby appointment last Monday. She was 23.5 inches long (she's in the 90% for her length) and weighed in at 11 lbs and 1.5 ounces (only in the 60% for her weight). She's' long and skinny, built just like her daddy! :) She also got 4 shots. The nurse told me to give her some Tylenol before the shots which I did, but she spit up a lot and probably most of the Tylenol before we got there. I was not in with her when she got the shots, but the nurse said she did not cry at all, that's my girl! :) She doesn't go in for more shots until June.


Annika talks to strangers...

Now Annika will talk to just about anyone who will listen (she made a new friend)!!

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Annika's only friend...

The other day David and I were getting ready to sit down and eat lunch (Annika has this bad habit it seems that whenever we sit down to eat she starts to cry. David and I decided that if she cried while we ate that we would stick her in the crib). So we sat down to eat our meal and she started to cry. David went and put her in the crib. Not long after she stopped crying. (Annika got the arch over her crib from a lady in the church, it was her little boys). Back to the story...So she stopped crying and not to long after that we heard these little baby noises (she was "talking"). I went in to check on her and she did not even notice me...she was too busy "talking" to the fish (her only friend...as we say). It was so cute I went and grabbed the camera to snap a picture (she did not even notice me then). She has done this on more than one occasion.

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