Balancing Act Take II

Remember this?!? (Annika at 13 weeks)


Here's take II: (Donovan at 5 weeks old-he holds himself up much better than Annika did)


note: David is getting a hair cut tonight!

And a Video of it:



After VBS week last week (no pictures...sorry) we decided to get-away for 3 days. We took the teens to Camp Chetek on Monday and than we didn't come home (until yesterday). We stayed with David's aunt and uncle who own a motel in Chetek. We then went and stayed at Camp for one night and spent part of Tuesday and part of Wednesday at camp.

It was a nice (but short) trip. I'm not sure if more restful, but it was fun! :)

Annika enjoyed herself a lot (not only b/c she got to see Aunt Kat, Uncle Bryan, and Uncle Benjamin) but because she got to ride on a horse for the first time. She rode on a trail all by herself (w/ someone leading the horse) but she held on all by herself and daddy rode on a horse behind her. While mom stayed back with Donovan (aka mommy hates horses)! :) She was ready to graduate to a larger horse after riding Chicco she kept asking if she could ride a "bigger horse."

Here's some pictures:


Mom this is for you!!

Anyone who knew me growing up knew that I was a HUGE Micheal Jordan fan!!
I got these shoes for my neice when she was a baby (she's 9 now)!! When my sister found out I was pregnant w/ Annika she gave them back to me, but I had forgotten about them and by the time I found them they were a bit to small...well I didn't forget with this little guy. I kept them out so I would remember them and I did....today!