4 Months

Van-man turned 4 months old on Monday, boy does time fly! He went in yesterday for his 4 month check up.

Weight: 13lbs 14 oz (he's only in the 25% for weight)
Length: 24 3/4 inches (he's in the 50% for height)

I have to say with daddy being 6ft. 3in I always wondered why none of our kids were in higher percentages for height...I guess they get it from their 5ft 3in mom!

Dr. Wallace said everything looks good and he's healthy. Although he is going to be watching his left eye, he says it turns in a bit (daddy noticed this not to long ago). Dr. Wallace also said that it can be normal for that to happen at this age (but his turns in a bit more than usual). Maybe he'll end up having a lazy eye like his mama and his mama's grandfather (although I would like this not to happen). We're not to worried about it (and to be honest, I've never noticed it). :)

He also got 3 shots...which he did really well...he didn't start crying until the 2nd one (I'm sure he wasn't sure what happened the first time), but than he only cried for about 5 seconds (as long as it took the nurse to poke him the 3rd time and be picked up).

The life of Donovan:
Well not much to tell...he eats, sleeps, and gets regular diaper changes...

He enjoys people...he LOVES looking at faces!

He is also a sweet, happy little boy (very different from his sister at this age).

He is to the point that really the only time he really cries is when he is hungry (oh and for 5 seconds after he's done eating...I think he figures he can't be done eating already). :)

He just learned to roll from his belly to his back (which is helpful since he doesn't care to be on his belly much). :)

And this morning I had him on his blanket completely and I just sat and watched him get up on his feet (with his arms still on the grown) and scoot himself forward so more than half his body was off the blanket (I wasn't quite expecting him to do this at all). He'd have the scooting thing down for sure if he could figure out how to use his arms...I'm willing to wait for this though! :)

He's pretty steady sitting up also (well for a 4 month old). :) I can sit him up and he can sit for about 30 seconds on his own (before he folds up like a taco). :)

He also likes to lay on the ground and take EVERYTHING in! His head and eyes are constantly on the move.

That pretty much is the life of Donovan (with a little of sister mixed in also)! :)

Here's a few recent pictures: (note: you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Chewing on his bottom lip (a new thing)
Annika and Donovan (she loves reading to him)
Sitting up all by himself
Hanging on the floor
Sitting in the high chair like a big boy


We *had* Snow

Yep, that's right...snow. On October 12th we had snow. Annika enjoyed playing in it...so did Lincoln.



Sometimes I wonder who likes the snow more...Annika or Lincoln!


And since Van-man was sleeping he didn't get to go in the snow...but daddy did say he looked like a snowboarder in the new hat and pant set I made him today!



I was not quite ready for snow that early so I am glad that it didn't stick around and that we've had some warmer weather! :)


Vacation Photos

Here they are...sorry it took me so long. Enjoy!

The first set is from the Water Park (Great Wolf Lodge)

The next set is from the Aquarium:


The Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. Annika had a great time!

The pictures at the top of our blog are a few that I was able to take! While I know you can see them up there. I'll repost the one to them together down here w/ a few more that way you can see it better! :)

First up: the two of them together! I LOVE this picture!!


We've decided to get a picture of this each year. Here is Donovan's first one!
Here are Annika's the past 3 years!

Playing in the corn!
Daddy and Donovan
Maybe it'll turn into a prince?!?!
Riding on a tractor!
Finding the perfect (for us) pumpkin!
We found it!


Recent Pictures....

Okay I'm still working on trying to get all the vacation pictures downloaded so give me a bit more time. When finished I'll have 3 or 4 slide shows! :)

Here's a few recent pictures...Okay there's a lot more than just a few! ;)

The first batch are of Miss. Annika:

This is usually how Annika gets her hair done...sitting on a table eating a snack (this was at g-ma and g-pa's house before church).
Miss Annika made a "train" all by herself she was soo proud of it...
...and asked me to take a picture of it.
She got a new skirt. I made this skirt w/ no pattern and I LOVE it, but it's to big (next fall she should fit into it). :)
It's fun to make things for her. She loves it when I make her something new. A lady from church came up to me last night and told me that I was a very talented lady. I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about so I gave a hesitant "thank you" she than continued to tell me that she told Annika that she liked her shoes, to which Annika replied, "mom made them." Well I'm NOT talented enough to make shoes, but I'm glad she likes me to sew her things. :)

And now some pictures of Sir Donovan:

Donovan often has this look on his face! He's kind of serious little guy sometimes!A boy and his dog...

Donovan wanted to share his hat with all our readers! :) While it didn't give him much luck last Monday night, he still wore it to watch the game.

And I share this picture because he looks a lot older than his 3 months in it!

Hope you enjoyed!
Vacation pictures to come!