Lincoln the Snow Puppy

(Mom and Dan, thought you might like to see these pictures of Lincoln)

This is our miniture daschund, Lincoln in the snow. As you can see the snow is as deep as he is tall. He was not so sure about whether he liked the snow.

(sorry about the picture on the bottom, only got part of him, it was dark when these pictures were taken and I could not see him, so I just pointed and shot). :o)

The Joys of being a Pastor's Wife

Okay, so at 5:13 am we got a phone call from a man in our church. He was stranded in a nearby town (because of the snow). He said that he tried calling his wife, but was unable to get a hold of her (the phones weren't working). He said that she would be worried sick, so me, being the good pastor's wife that I am, said "sure, we can get a hold of her for you" (that meant going to her house and letting her know).

So I woke David up to let him know. He got up with me and we decided to take the trek to this lady's house. Boots, hats, coats, and gloves went with us to the car, we cleared off the snow, and started to go. We did pretty well.....until we found out how deep the snow really was....we got stuck! We almost got out, but couldn't quite make it.

So much for the car, we decided to trek the 1/4 mile to their house at 5:30 am. The roads were plowed for the most part, so it wasn't too bad of a walk (except I am 1 week away from my due date....talk about a waddling penguin). :o) David did say he would go by himself, but I thought "what elderly lady wants to open her door to a man when it's dark out." So I insisted on going along.

Finally, we got to the house, knocked on the door, she comes to the door (she was watching TV) and says she knows!! UGH!!!


Finally Snow?!?!

Here are a few pictures of what our front yard looked like for most of this winter. We have had a little snow, but it has all melted away almost as soon as we get it. Last week it was in the 40's here. These pictures were taken Friday morning. The day before it was bright and sunny out.

This monring I woke up to this: SNOW!!!

We are not so diffrent than Wisconsin weather here in Sunrise!


38 Weeks

Well, here they are, pictures of me at 38 weeks. "Tubby" as David's grandma calls me. :o) The doctor told me not to expect the baby to be born before my due date (March 7th). She said it will probably happen right around my due date. I'm getting tired of carrying around all this extra weight.

By the way mom, we told you about painting the wall blue and here it is. :o)


Adult Fellowship Banquet

February 17th marked the first time our Youth Group was in charge of the Adult Fellowhsip Banquet. It was a lot of work and what a sigh of relief to finally be done with it. The teens did a WONDERFUL job serving and helping, they all worked very hard and we stayed right on schedule.

The food was all prepared ahead of time, this was a big task as we prepared enough for about 70 people. I learned how to make home-made creasant rolls (even after the first two batches did not turn out...too hot of water kills off the yeast) :0) I could now give you the recipe by memory after making about 6 batches. The food was a big hit.

The adults really enjoyed themselves and we were able to pull everything off without any major problems. It was nice to give the people in our church a chance to fellowship with each other. We have had many new families join our church in the last year and this was a great way for them to get to know one another better. David did a good job with the games and breif message.


The Baby's Room

Here are some updated pictures of the baby's room. It's all complete.....except for the baby which will hopefully come soon. It will be nice to get "him" out of my rib cage. :o)

There are a few pictures of the baby's hat (this is a joke with my own family). Ever since I was little I have loved and owned alot of hats (about 40+ hats). The baby has a lot of hats already and he is not even born yet! Notice the two Green Bay Packer hats!! David says "no more hats" we'll see! :0)

(Click on the photo to see additional photos) I'm hoping this will work.




Well, here it is the Stertz Family Blog. Good idea or bad?!? We will soon find out. Some of our friends have blogs and we thought what better way to inform all of our family and friends out there of what is going on here in Sunrise, MN, especially with the baby coming (hopefully soon)!

Please be patient as we begin to figure this thing out.