Annika's been one busy girl...

Annika's been one busy girl (which also makes mom more busy)! A week ago I had the opportunity to make a little extra money by watching some kids for spring break. Annika had a blast when the kids were over.

This is one of the little boys that I watched he and Annika are 2 months apart. His name is Brody and they get a long VERY well!

Then the following week I watched the neighbor Timmy (he and Annika are 2 months apart). They had a lot of fun together, but they sure were busy!

We also went to the zoo it was such a nice day and while most of the Animals were inside Annika still had a great time! I did not get a picture of her with the gorillas but she really seemed to enjoy them (who doesn't?!?). While we were there they were running around and splashing each other and one would run right next to where Annika was standing (at first she backed away b/c she was afraid, but then she didn't even flinch). One kept running past her and hitting the glass where she was standing she would smile and laugh every time.



Annika wanted to thank Great-Grandma Isaacs, Great-Grandpa Isaacs, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kat, Uncle Bryan, & Uncle Benjamin (whew that's a long list)!! :) For the gift of money they sent for her birthday and that she was able to get this for her birthday!!


Note from mom: She's really been into play-dough and we haven't had much of anything for her to play with so you can imagine how happy she was that she got this HUGE canister w/ all the things one could love!!


Annika Turns...2!! (Warning: picture heavy) :)

Well she did it yesterday all on her own without any help from us. Annika turned two yesterday! She had a pretty good day. Toward the end she wasn't feeling all the greatest (I think she might be getting her 2 year molars), but she had fun with all her friends last night.

A few things about Annika:

Favorite Food: Pizza or Mac-n-Cheese (takes after her mom)

Favorite Book:


  • She can point out almost the entire alphabet she gets stuck on a few letters and love to sing it.
  • Counts to ten
  • Knows many zoo animals (and animals in general) some of her favorites right now are the slow loris, armadillo, chinchilla, African millipede (any kind of bug really), trantula, and eagle (she saw these at the captial when we toured and talks about them all the time).
  • She talks up a storm! Some of our favorite phrases "Nice shirt dad," "Did you see it mom?" and "Daddy's got a baby in his belly too"
    She can now talk in 7-9 word sentences.
  • loves to color, paint, play with playdough, listen to "Lusic" (music) she asks to listen to music all the time whether at home or in the car. She also loves to sit in with us during choir practice and likes to "play" the piano before choir.
  • She loves the church nursery (many of her friends are in there)
  • She doesn't watch tv often at all but does enjoy watching Wall-E every once in a while and Elmo's World the Great Outdoors.
  • She LOVES to play with other kids! She can name almost all the kids at church and all the kids at Christine's Daycare and some she doesn't see on a regular bases.
  • She has an amazing memory!
  • She loves to read books in the evening with daddy!
Favorite toys: her babies, legos, kitchen set, table and chair set, "boys" (little people), and her birthday presents she just got...she really LOVES all her toys! She is also loving to play with Lincoln these days.

Well I think that just about tells a day in the life of Annika! :)

The Yearly Photos: (all taken around 9:33 a.m. the time she was born)


One Year:

Two Year:

Her party Slide Show: