A Month...... :(

Has it really been a month since the last time I posted?!?! I'm VERY sorry (it must be close b/c I have 30 pictures to show to you). I'm hoping once this house is built maybe I will be a better poster (maybe). ;)

A few things that have hindered me from posting more....
1. The house building project - while we are moving along (for a bit it was pretty slow), but now we are making progress. David was able to finish up all the fascia this week, we got the hard wood flooring in, the painting is almost complete (boy will I be glad when this is done...so will my sciatic nerve, however, I have had TONS of help from ladies at church and what a blessing it has been), David did laid tile in the hall closet (he did pretty good for his first time), and it looks like cabinets and counter tops will be installed in the kitchen the next couple of days! We still have a ways to go but it is coming along. I'll post more pictures when they finish with the kitchen.

2. The sunshine! We've been outside a TON lately. The kids LOVE to be outside!! Church softball started up on Tuesday nights (obviously I'm not playing unless I'm the ball). ;) But David is and we've enjoyed going to the first two games. The kids and I have also been going to sporting events of the teens in our church which we have enjoyed a lot. The sad thing is along with the sunshine comes the bugs. Poor Van has bug bites (little gnat bites all over his head). They don't seem to hurt or bother him at all (Annika has a few also, but not like compared to Van), but they are pretty bad looking. They leave a drop of blood behind and bug spray doesn't seem to help. Someone asked me if he had the chicken pox or measles...just bug bites.

3. Pregnancy brain...can I claim that? I honestly just forget. :) I haven't had any appointments since the previous post, but I do have one a week from today to check the status of my placenta previa. We get to see baby again also. Along with this appointment comes the glucose test. I'm not sure if you know what that is, but it's a test I have to go in for 2 hours. I have to drink this orange stuff (which tastes like really flat orange soda, it's rather gross), than they check your blood sugar after one hour and again after 2 hours. I just entered my third and final trimester which is rather shocking to me since it has seem to fly by.

On to the pictures from over the last month (a few back from as far as Easter).