Fall Photos of the kids!

A few fall photos of the kids I took the other day!

 This one cracks me up...he's checking' out his socks!


House update...Looks more like a house!

Well I went to "the land" (as we've all been calling it for a very long time) and it didn't look like "just land" anymore. Yesterday morning the builders had the back wall up...that was it, by the evening you could kind of see where everything would be. We took the kids over to see the house and explain where the main rooms would be (the kitchen didn't have a wall up to divide from the entry way yet).
At the beginning of yesterday they had one wall up, this is what they had finished by the end of the day. David is walking up to the house (the garage is on his left).  You can see the front door right next to the garage, the next window is overlooking the stairwell that leads to downstairs, the next window is in Annika's room and the last window is in Van's room.

Walking in the front door. 

  You are looking at the kitchen (although the wall near the entry is not up yet) and dinning room and part of the living room. The sink will be where the smaller window is at. The other large opening on the same wall is the patio door (that is in the dinning room) and the other opening is the window in the dining room. I had NO idea my windows were going to be that big! I'm very excited about that!!!

Now we're going to head down the hallway!  The first room on the right is Miss Annika's Room.

This is Annika's room. She requested that when we move we bring her bed, toys, and the dog! ;) She also asked that we paint her room purple (like her room here) since we didn't take her up on her wanting to paint the outside of the house purple.  Beyond her room will be a 1/2 bath and a coat closet.

 This is Van's room, it's not as big as it appreas in the photo (don't get me wrong it's not small either) b/c they have not made the wall dividing Annika and Van's room yet. You can see his little closet on the left hand side of the room...he's a boy he only needs a small one right?!? ;)

 This is the master bedroom

 Van is standing in the master closet doorway, next that closet (the thick boards) mark where the master bathroom starts, than behind that you can see (where the window is) the kids/guest bathroom. If you look close you can see kind of a in the corner a blue paper, that will be a corner linen closet.

 This is the basement. There will be 2 more rooms at the end of the hall (where each window is) and an office in between the stair well and the supporting wall (seen in the picture) and the other side of the hallway from the office will be another full bath and the utility room. The rest of the area (not picture b/c I'm standing in it) will be the family room downstairs). We are not planning on finishing the basement off right away.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of what we have done of our house! I'll post more later as the dry wall goes up and such! 

TODAY (10/07) Accomplishments!
At the end of the day the house looked like this!
I believe tomorrow they are going to put the windows in. (Come back and see, I'm sure I'll post another picture).  ;)