Annika and the ABC's

We have been working with Annika for a while now on her ABC's. I have also been trying for awhile to get this on video to show you all what she is learning (the problem is every time I get the camera out she doesn't want to do it).

We have worked on the letters A-D and just started E yesterday. We started by just asking her the letters in order A...B...C... but we decided to try mixing them up and also tried a different font since she learns them from this book and she was able to point the letters out that way also.

Sorry that it is so dark (I took it in the evening)


Big Girl Bed

We moved Annika into her big girl bed on Sunday. She has done really well with no problems (as of yet). :) She just looks so small in it.

She has really had fun playing with Lincoln and his kennel lately. Earlier last week when David and I were both sititng in the living room reading. Annika was on the ground playing with her stuffed puppy. I quick got out the camera because it was too cute. She was telling her puppy "mo" (In Annika language that means 'no'). Here's a video of it (sorry it's so dark I was taking it at night and we only had a few lights on in the house.


MN State Fair

Some Recent pictures and....

On Thursday we went to the Minnesota Great-Get-Together (a.k.a. the state fair). Last year was the first time we have gone and we had a lot of fun. This year was even more fun since Annika was old enough to enjoy it more.

The trip was a family trip but also a working trip. We went and found free stuff and took pictures. David is in the process of putting together a scavenger hunt for the teens for Monday. Yep, we even get to go back on Monday!!

Here are a few pictures:


Found: Camera: Prepare for Overload!

Well I found the camera YAY!!! It was on the desk in the office (not that the desk was so cluttered that the camera could hide itself under there)! ;)

Here is the kitchen set and table and chair set that Annika recived from two different families in our church. Pardon the "clutter" on the shelf these are in the office/craft room in our house (the same place the camera lost itself).

Annika has also found the love for the telephone! Doesn't this face say it all?!?

And for your viewing pleasure a few videos....

Annika talks all the time!! We are really starting to understand her now. She is also saying two word sentences.

And a last one to show you how much she is like her mom....when I'm on the phone.
A) I don't stand still or sit I am always walking when I'm on the phone

B) I leave the room when I am on the phone and Annika is in the same room because she talks all the time or ends up getting hurt and cries.


Riding along...

I still cannot find our camera (I really haven't had tons of time to look). I do however have another picture (again with a neighbor boy). This is Timmy (aka Tim-a-roni). He is Joshua's little brother (just 2 months and 1 day younger than Annika). If you haven't noticed...our neighborhood is made up of mostly boys (we have a total of 7 boys on our road and 4 more that live not to far away the total of girls 3 Annika, Elizabeth who is eight, and Stephanie who is 12).
We found this power wheel at the Almelund Threshing Show. It originally sells for $62.99 brand new. Well this Lil Quad was in excellent condition and we only paid $8.00 (the only thing is it didn't come with a battery, but we can buy one for about $8.00...not bad?!?) :)


No New Pictures?!?!

Are you wondering why I don't have any recent pictures of Annika up?? Lately I have found a lot of pictures of her I would love to take...yes I use the word love because.....our camera has misplaced itself! So here a few of her that our neighbor lady took. This is Annika's friend Joshua. Joshua has 3 brothers (David, Matthew, and Timmy) Joshua is the 2nd youngest. Timmy was napping and the older two boys were visiting their grandparents for week. We went to Joshua's house to have some root beer floats after church on Wednesday Evening. His bed was in the living room at the time b/c his parents were painting and putting new bunkbeds in the boys room (yes all 4 boys share a room)! :)

Well here are some pictures of Annika and Joshua playing on his bed: