My Big {little} Guy

Donovan is my big guy because he's 9 months old already. But he's not so big in stature. He's infact just a tiny little guy. His stats:
Length: 25 1/4 inches (so just a shorty) Annika had him beat by about 2 inches at this age)
Weight: 15 lbs 8.5 ounces (less than the 3%). This has our dr. a bit worried and we go back in two weeks for a weigh check. It's not such a huge deal that he only weighs 15 lbs the problem is that his percentage of weight has gone down drastically. He was in the 50% at 6 months and in 3 short months has dropped below 3%. I think he is in general just a smaller little guy, but he's still in 3-6 month clothes (and I still have to roll the waist to make them stay up on him).

Our plan to help him gain weight (man, and here I'm trying to loose and he gets to gain)! ;) We are going to start supplementing formula. We'll see how this goes, we did it once so far today and he ate a good 2 ounces (not bad for a start).

If his weight doesn't go up like the doctor would like they will do blood tests and see if there is something else wrong. I personally think that supplimenting formula and feeding him a few more (good) fatty foods will help so I'm not to worried about it.

We will go back in two weeks to check his weight and see how he's doing.

Now on to a few pictures:


And this is what you call a head of lettuce! ;)


Visit to WI

We took a quick visit to WI last weekend to see my family. My grandma turned 75 so we had a party. It was a good time. We got to see my sister and her husband who live in Virginia. This was her first time meeting Donovan.


Book Review- Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate

Never Say Never
Lisa Wingate

“Sometime Life’s Storms Blow in Unexpected Possibilities”

Kai Miller found herself in Daily, Texas after a hurricane evacuation forced her out of the place where she had formerly lived. Kai was a person who didn’t lay down roots and call any place “home” that was until she met the hometown hero Kemp Eldrige. She can imagine herself laying roots down, but not knowing where Kemp’s heart lays leaves her little choice but to leave Daily, Texas back to her job. But Kemp’s aunt Donetta has other plans for the young couple.

Lisa did a good job developing the story. I feel like I know her characters well. I do like how she captured what is happening in the life of both Kai Miller and Donetta Bradford (the aunt). However, the story is somewhat predictable.

I do however wish she would of had a more clear presentation of the gospel in the book. Over all I thought the book okay, but it was not something I would pick up and read again. I would not mind try reading other books from this author.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of reviewing.


Annika gets all the fun sewing stuff...until...

NOW! Van got himself a new pair of pants!

I bought myself a pair of pants from the thrift store for $3 that I REALLY like, but they are now to big so I put them aside to make something out of them. Well one of my favorite sewing blogs was hosting a boys month (that's one post a day all about sewing for boys). She had these REALLY cute pair of pants with flat front pockets, well I now found an idea of what to do with those pants! And a bonus....there's enough material to make him another pair or two in different sizes! ;) They were really easy to make and you will probably see more of them!


By the way it is kind of hard to take a picture of pants on a little boy who can't stand by himself yet.

Here's a few really cute face shots of him!



Birthday Party and Interview

We had a birthday party for Annika on Saturday night and had a good time! Here's some pictures. We've been asking her for the last month what kind of cake she wants for her birthday and she was insistant upon strawberry cake. We're not quite sure where she got this from because she has NEVER had it. We've tried talking her out of it also, but that didn't work. So, for her birthday she got strawberry cupcakes (I did make some chocolate ones with fudge frosting and some raspberry cream cheese ones also). Well she sat down to eat her strawberry cupcake and she wouldn't eat it. :) We figured that would happen she was happy with the chocolate ones!

Here's a short interview I did with Annika on her birthday. (Annika's answers in orange)

What is your favorite color? orange (today, yesterday it was green and the day before red)

What do you like to eat? pizza

What's your favorite animal? baby deer (tiny little dear)

What do you like to drink? juice

What are you excited about? church (kid’s activity)

Where do you like to go? to the aquarium

Where do you not like to go?to my house

What is your favorite song? Jesus Loves me

What is your favorite art activity (cutting, gluing, painting, sewing, drawing)? play with favorite color orange playdough

What do you like to eat? pizza

What does dad like to do? Put on shirt (not sure where this came from)

What does mama like to do? Take pictures

What do you like to wear? She wasn't quite sure about this question, so I asked a more detailed question. Do you like to wear hats? Yes. Do you like to wear shoes? Yes. Socks? Yes (although if her shoes are off so are the socks). Jeans? Yes. Dresses? Ah, no...I hate dresses! (I'm wondering if maybe she gets that from her mom?!?) :)

Annika has aquired quite the little personality. It's fun to watch it develop more and more (although sometimes it gets her in trouble, she can be quite the hand full).

Things that she has learned: She really has taken a liking to the alphebet. She could recognize the letters when she turned 2, (you know ask her where the "a" was and she'd point) she can now tell you what each letter is (not in alphabetical order).

She is now working on learning to write some letters (I'm trying to teach her to write her name).

She has learned how to ride her new scooter pretty well. She can't wait until the snow is melted and when she can take it outside and give it a try. Which will be soon since the snow is almost gone off the parking lot.

She has a love for any kind of stuffed animal (but please don't buy her any...we have enough for now)! ;)

She is becoming more cuddly. For those of you who knew Annika when she was smaller, she was a very colicky baby and she HATED to be held or touched (which made it hard on mommy and daddy to try and make her not cry). But now she will come and sit by me and say, mom I'm going to cuddle with you (which lasts all of about 5 minutes). :)

She thinks she has outgrown naps (mommy's not ready for this one yet, and usually after about an hour of playing in her bed she does fall asleep).

Annika loves to play with Donovan or rather likes to watch Donovan smile at her. If he is in the room she's usually in front of him dancing around and trying to make him smile.

We just recently got a story on cd and she is really enjoys listening and "following along" in the book (she likes the sound it makes when you have to turn the page).

She still loves to listen to classical music and dance to it.

She loves to play the piano if we are at church near a piano she LOVES to play. The other night she was "playing" for daddy while he was practicing the Kids4Truth songs (this was quite entertaining for me).

She loves to sing, she makes up songs about EVERYTHING!

She ABSOLUTELY LOVES to play with other kids. She is good at playing and entertaining herself, but if there are other kids in the room (no matter who) she loves to play with them!

Wow this got kind of long! I could put a ton more of stuff that she likes to do, but I think this is a good start!

On to the pictures!
The last 3 pictures are of her Sunday Morning in her Birthday Outfit that mommy made her.


She did it!

Annika turned 3! It was a busy day with lots of laughter and fun. I'll post more about it tomorrow. But for now enjoy the pictures!

It's funny to think that 3 years ago today we were waiting for the birth of Davin William and came home with an Annika Carol! We wouldn't changer her for the world! Happy Birthday Sweet Annika Carol!!

Born at 9:33 am, March 6, 2007

Taken at 9:33 am, March 6, 2008
Taken at 9:33 am, March 6, 2009
Taken at 9:33 am, March 6, 2010