Birthday Boy Stats...

We took Donovan in for his one year check up yesterday and he seems to be doing great! You would never of guessed that he was not even on the charts for weight and height just 3 months ago!

Here's a recap of his stats at 9 months old:
Weight: 15 lbs
Length: 25 1/4 inches
(he wasn't even on the charts)

Yesterday (12 months):
Weight: 21 lbs 15 ounces
Length: 29 inches
(he is in between the 25-50% now)

No worries with him at all anymore!

So I guess I will make this Van's official Bday post when I share more about him!

Van-man is a GREAT little boy (so different from his sister at this age). He LOVES life and usually always has a smile on his face! He doesn't cry often (unless VERY tired or hungry)....or if sister is around (b/c she's usually picking on him).

He's still army crawling (he knows how to crawl on hands and knees) but the dr seems to think that he might skip that altogether and just start walking. he's cruising along everywhere. He just started walking holding on to one hand (albeit a bit wobbly).

He LOVES to play outside in the sandbox and swimming pool. He just loves water in general, if he hears the tub water running you can know for sure that in a very short time you will have a little boy standing next to you trying to climb in the tub (he climbs on everything)!!

His current words (which the dr was impressed with since most kids his age only say 1-2 other words besides mommy and daddy) are ball, baby, puppy, stay (talking to Lincoln), bye-bye, all done, Bobbi (neighbor lady's name), and hi. He can sign all done, more, and eat.

Here's a short video of him playing outside with a toy he got from his birthday.


First Photo Contest

Well I entered a photo contest through Parent Magazine...and my photo got chosen for one of this weeks finalist! I didn't expect that at all! The way to win is to get the most votes (so I'm to get people out and vote)...so here's the link! All you have to do is click on this link press the vote button and than type in the odd word (verification code) and press submit vote!


Donovan turns 1!!

Wow and I thought time went by fast when Annika was little! This just seem to fly by, I can't believe he's one already!

June 26, 2009 12:35 a.m.

June 26, 2010 12:35 a.m.

Pictures from his party can be seen here: click here!

We've yet to go to the doctor (Tuesday) so I'll share more about him and his stats on Tuesday!


Family Fun


Annika and Van Photos

I took Annika's 3 year old pictures (a bit late) and Donovan's 1 year old pictures (a bit early). Here's what I got...


Vacatoin Pictures!

Okay, only the second half of vacation pictures...the rest are on David's computer and I have yet to download them. I'm just going to put a link and send you to the album where they are at so I do not have to upload them again!

Click HERE to see the 2nd half of our vacation pictures! You can than click on the first picture and use the arrows at the top right hand side that say Previous and Next buttons.

***I was able to upload the rest of our vacation pictures from David's computer! You should be able to see all of them now (just not in order). :)