A few pictures!

Gotta {Love} that SMILE!
(this is the smile of a girl who's going to be a big sister)

And she thinks there is something in there for her....

This is Annika and her friend "Nimmy" (aka Timmy)!


7th Annual Ladies Christmas Tea

Today was our 7th Annual Ladies Christmas Tea at our church. Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL! We had the largest number of ladies attend yet (around 182). Below is a slide show of the tables that some ladies in our church decorated (the way this work is certain ladies are asked to decorate a table with their own dishes (my table is the first one in the group with the red berries).

At the end are a few pictures of Annika in her Christmas dress (I'm hoping to get a few better ones a little later). We'll see! :)



Annika is learning to count here's a video, but you have to listen close because she counts VERY fast in it. :) Enjoy! Better get going and make some lunch than I have a little girl who is going to lay down for a nap. Have a great day!