Randomness of Annika

Here are some random pictures of Annika from our trip. As nice as all the scenery is most people want to see pictures of Annika (my mom and sisters). :)

So here is about 45 pictures of her on our trip, I tried to label them so that you can see where we were at...


Mount Saint Helen and Glacier National Park

These places were amazing!!!

A few facts about Mt. St. Helen:

  1. When you see the videos of the Volcano explode a large gray cloud of dust and ashes is shown and you can see lightning in it. The lightning comes from the dust particles with so much static electricity and when they collide that causes the lightning.
  2. People near by could not hear the volcano erupt b/c the sound waves shot up into the upper atmosphere making only those far away hear it.
  3. It took only a few weeks for ashes and dust to completely circle the earth.
  4. In the visitors center there is a place where they talk about the water carving out new paths in the rock....the volcano erupted in 1980. They state that it only took a couple of weeks to do this. Is that not evidence that the earth is young and show evidence of a world wide flood.

After looking at both of these magnificent places it shows what a great creator and God we have and serve!!! Enjoy the pictures...

I decided later to add some random ones of Annika on our trip in a later post so stay tune.


The Reheasal, Wedding, Cascade Mountains and Everything in Between

Here's some more pics....

Again, enjoy!

On the Way....

So we are finally at a motel that has internet access. We are on our way to go to Mount Saint Helen and because I have a lot to catch up on I will just show a few of my pictures!

Here are the pictures from MN to Washington State....enjoy!


Sneak Peak!!!

Sorry I haven't been more faithful, we technically do not have internet where we are staying but we can kind of mooch off of another open network. So I am able to post a few pictures but not tons! Here's a sneak peak of some pictures...from the wedding....be prepared for when I can really upload b/c I have taken A LOT!!!

First up is the Happily Married Couple (I cropped the pictures). It was a beautiful wedding!!

Next is Annika and her Uncle Benjamin (I absolutely love this picture)!!

Last but of course not least is Annika. This would be a cuter pictures if she would of had something other then a stick in her hands...but what can I say she's my daughter?!?!



Our new neighbor?!?

I hate to bump the cute pics of Annika down (so scroll down and take a peek), but when we got home on Monday from picking up our rental car some neighbors told us we needed to come to the other neighbors house and see what was in their tree. Here's what we found....

(sorry the digital zoom on our camera isn't the greatest). But you get the idea.


All In A Days Work

Annika has learned to love her riding horse she "rides" it almost everyday and has learned to do many things on it. Here are a few....

As you can tell, we don't let her eat on it and you can see why!

Hope these hold you over for a bit. Not sure when I will get back on. The vacation home we are staying at in Washington doesn't have internet access, but you can bet there will be plenty of pictures when I get back!

We leave tomorrow and we are pretty excited, so until later...


Short and Chubby (15 Months)

Annika had her 15 month check-up today. We found out she is short and chubby! :)

Her stats:
24 pounds (70%) now this was in jeans, onsie, long sleeve shirt, and cloth diaper (so I'm guessing she weighs a little less than the 24 pounds the scale said).

She was 30 inches tall (30%) she's not very tall (that's what the Doc said) which was a surprise b/c David is 6 foot 3 inches...yay for my short genes!

She is healthy as ever. She had 1 shot and only cried for about 10 seconds (that's my girl)!!! I did however realize today how big she is getting. At the doctor's office they had her stand on the scale since she is standing now and had her stand with her back to the wall to measure her height. I may be a little bias but as she stood there getting measure for her height I just thought she looked so ADORABLE!!!

She is really starting to do a lot of things and copy us...it's soo much fun watching her learn and grow. She point to her nose, mouth, tongue, toes, fingers, ears, hair, head, belly, and just learned in the last couple of days her elbow (she does this in a very cute way she will pat up her arm until she reaches her elbow and then looks up at you smiling).

She has also learned to climb in the rocking chair and loves to read books.

She says puppy, daddy (her two new obsessions), mama, kitty, papa (grandpa), graaaandma (she doesn't say this anymore), uh-oh, baby.

We have been working on the alphabet (for the last couple of weeks) she can now point out the letter "A" (as long as it's a capital letter).

She now has 12 teeth with about 4 more coming in. She loves to try and feed herself with a fork.

Another new obsession for her is baths....she loves baths! She is learning to take her clothes off so she can get herself into the bathtub faster than mom can do it. She is might quick at taking off the diaper!

I also wanted to say another of her favorite past times is eating!! Which is why she is in the 70% for weight...she will eat all the time. She will eat just about anything...she loves veggies and fruit, but also loves meat. She must of got her tastes from her dad b/c she doesn't seem to be very picky (like her mom). Among the "odd" (okay odd to me) things she will eat is green peppers (raw, she doesn't eat tons at a time, but will eat a couple slices) and rhubarb (raw okay now that's weird...YUCK!!). She is also all into "dipping" everything on her plate has to be dipped (except pb&j) but it doesn't matter if it is dipped in ketchup, ranch dressing, or barbecue sauce.

That's all I can think of for now....here's a few recent pics.