Officially Walking

Yes it's official, Annika is walking everywhere!

Her new other things is say "O" with her mouth anytime she hears something. It's really cute.


This is her getting up in the middle of the floor by herself.

These were taking on Wednesday, she is practically running now!

Oh and a picture: She thinks she is pretty cool b/c she can lift the stroller off the ground now.


Escape Artist?!?

Annika had a busy morning. We went to the Outlets, Target, and Walmart looking for a swimsuit for her. Her other swimsuit is a little small and she got some b-day money from my grandma and my mom so we decided to get her a new one (I found the last one at a garage sale brand new for $1). After looking we finally found one at Target, when we got home I tried it on her and it was too small (it was an 18 month) it fit around her she was just to long for it so back to Target again for a 24 month (which is really weird b/c she wears 12 month clothing just fine in fact we just moved her up to 12 month onsies a couple of weeks ago).

After trying on her swimsuit she was ready for a nap. She was being a tad crabby so I decided to put her down sooner rather than later. I also layed down on the couch for a short while. I could hear her making noises but I didn't think anything of it and then I heard quiet. So I just left her. She slept for about 1/2 hour and then was awake. When I went in to get her this is what I found!!!!

We have an escape artist on our hand. I now know that I cannot leave her w/ just a diaper and a cover. The dark blue and white is the diaper and cover I put on her before her nap.

note: I wouldn't usually show off this much skin...but it was too cute of a story not to share! ;)


A few short videos and pictures...

Here are a few short videos Annika:

The first one is her saying her animal noises (usually she can do this without any help from me but of course I had the camera out). :)

The second one is of her walking. She walked all the way across the living room to me right before this but again we took the camera out. Notice how she pushes off with her bum. :)

The last video is of her pushing her stroller around.
Now a few pictures....

This is one reason why babies are not suppose to play with plastic bags (don't worry we were right by her). :)
Lastly a picture of her reading a story to Zoe:


What Annika's been up to...

I realized I haven't post many pictures of what Annika's been up to. Here are a few from the last couple of weeks.


Annika's new shirt....

So today was a busy day. It was so nice today (about 55 degrees) Annika and I along with our neighbors went for a 2 mile walk.

I also got some cleaning done (as usual) and was able to sew some. I made a skirt for Annika (using material from Walmart). It was easy all I had to do was sew the seam. I also made Annika a pillowcase shirt. The pattern called for a pillow case but I just used some fabric I picked up from Walmart for a $1/yrd. I love the way it turned out. Here are some pictures of Annika in it.

We can now officially fit Annika's hair in a small pony (just the back, the front is still a little short). You can kind of see it some of the pictures.