It's been a while!

We've been pretty busy around here...that and I haven't taken too many pictures lately, but just recently I have been able to snap some fun ones. Here is a slide show of what Annika has been up to lately.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is June 1st already (only 27 more days until the new arrival) not sure if I'm completely ready for another one, but I'm definitely ready to be done being pregnant! :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The first set of pictures at the park are Annika and her friend Felicity, they both really enjoyed playing at the park that day.

The next set is Annika and Owen (a daycare child that I help watch). Annika and him enjoyed playing at a different park. You can also see the bug that Annika found (this child is not afraid to pick up any bug she sees...kind of like her mom).

The last "set" are of Lincoln and Pixie (Pixie is a puppy that we "babysat." I didn't get any pictures of Annika and the puppy together but Annika absolutely LOVED this puppy!! She always wanted Pixie by her from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed. I have to say Pixie is a really cute puppy she is a double dapple (hence the spots) dachshund. Lincoln on the other hand wasn't tooo fond of the puppy. He really didn't want much to do with her. :)


Annika & Daddy

Nothing like daddy and a good book before bed time!!!




Annika's 2 year pictures

I was able to take Annika out yesterday and take some of her 2 year pictures. I'm really happy with the way they turned out. I had a few of them printed out at Walgreens to send to family, but was VERY disappointed with the way they turned out (kind of dark) so I'm going to take them back and see if I can find another place to print them out. So far I've not had great results at Walmart or this specific Walgreens store (I did get some printed at a different Walgreens and those ones turned out great).


Annika's Room

Well I was able to get Annika's room cleaned (and it still is clean 10 minutes later). :) Here are few pictures of her "big girl" room. She loves it and plays in there most of the day. She's been in it since her 2nd birthday. Daddy did a great job painting the walls and we got the bed spread from great-grandma.

I got the large mirror on her wall from a thrift store for only $15!

Many of you know I'm a huge hat fan...Grandma Gabbi gave me the idea of displaying some of Annika's hats on a shelf (I used wine glasses as pedestals to put the hats on). I have decided to change them seasonally, but haven't done it yet.

The three canvass paintings were from my sister to Annika for her birthday. I love them!

The swags above the windows and the flowers (hard to see) on the dresser and pillow behind the name plaque were all from our wedding. The flowers were actually my wedding bouquet.






Baby's Room...almost finished

We got some new-to-us furniture for the baby's room. With Annika it was stuff that I painted white. The crib was broken (the railing wouldn't stay up). A couple from our church graciously gave us this crib and changing table! What a blessing it is!! It has TONS of storage (even the crib has a large drawer underneath it) and we were able to move the dresser from this room into Annika's "big girl room" (which I will post pictures of soon...hopefully...if I can keep it clean for more than 10 minutes). :)

I also made slip covers to go over the chair cushions in the corner (this was a chair we got for free when we first got married). The fabric matches the bedding and wall hanger (that I made Annika when she was a baby).

My favorite part of this room is that it's not overly cluttered (yet). I still need to take down the stuff on the shelf (since it's Annika's) and figure out something to put up there.





The Circus & The Garden

We were able to find some buy one get one free tickets to go to the Circus on May 4th. We figured it was worth it. It would of costed us $14 per adult (w/ one free) and $12 for Annika. When we got there we found out that Annika was free because she was 2!!! So we payed only $14 to get into the circus and it was well worth it!!!

Annika had a blast (so did mom and dad)!!

This year we decided to plant a small garden so David has been outside part of the day getting the garden started. Annika woke up from nap to "help" daddy! :)