A Few Video Clips (Pictures to come later)

Annika's been into making up her own songs lately (the only problem is we can't understand her...well some of the words and the songs just don't make sense). But I love her facial expressions in this short clip!

Here's a clip of Van and Annika singing together.

Note: She didn't get him at the end...mom got to them before the girl could do anything! ;)

And here's a recent one of the Van-man walking. While he can now walk, crawling is still his preferred method of transportation (it's faster with a lot less bumps)! ;)


Almost a month....I'm Sorry!

Wow it's really been almost a month since I last posted! I apologize for that! We've been pretty busy. On our way back from Chetek earlier this month we had a man pull out in front of us on Highway 8 (if you know the Hwy it's pretty busy and can be quite dangerous), praise the Lord no one was hurt! But it did mean that we needed to find a new (which we still haven't done). Also we are getting everything in order to start building our house. David has cleared almost all the land (with some help) and we are closing on our loan today! Which means we hope to break ground by next week (if that changes I'll let you know).

Now on a video and some pictures...

First off is our Van-man (can you believe he's going to be 15 months old tomorrow...b/c I can't!!) Oh and no walking yet, he's taken up to 5 steps, but I think he just likes teasing mommy! ;)

He does however LOVE to dance (go figure). We have the movie "Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princess" which is one of Annika's favorites (b/c she can ballet dance), but I think it's one of Van's favorites also as whenever it comes on he comes right to where it's playing and watches (and eventually starts dancing). He's got the ballet moves down! ;) Poor guy he's doomed w/ an older sister! Although I don't think he minds all that much! Daddy can even whistle the song and he starts dancing (no matter where he is). It's quite funny!

Now for some pictures!
First is a set of Donovan! Because they were too cute not to share. Annika came and said "Mom, Donovan pulled out all his clothes from the drawer."

And the last batch of pictures!