Pumpkin Patch Take II

Sorry, I know I said I would get these up and I was hoping to get them up sooner, but I didn't. Here are a few more pictures from the pumpkin patch.

Just an update: Life is definitely getting more and more busy (just when I thought it might slow down for a bit). I'm due to watch some boys tomorrow and a couple of kids on Saturday. David has class Friday. Annika in the midst of all this has not a care in the world. :) She is excited for the neighbor boys to come over especially her friend "Nimmy" (aka Timmy). They get a long pretty well (except when he's trying to take her hair pieces out). She says, "no Nimmy." They get excited when the other walks into the room...Timmy calls Annika "Nimmy" b/c that's what she says whenever she sees him. :) They are fun to watch play together.


20 Things I like about Fall

(in no particular order)!

  1. Fall leaves crunching under your feet
  2. Sitting by the fire (okay we have a wood burning stove, but still nice)
  3. Wearing Jeans
  4. Walks in the cooler weather
  5. Culver's Pumpkin Malts...MMmm
  6. The Pumpkin Patch
  7. Playing outside with Annika
  8. Hot chocolate and a good book
  9. Carving pumpkins
  10. Fall Colors
  11. Snuggling with David and Annika
  12. Movies
  13. My birthday :)
  14. Thanksgiving (being with family)
  15. Pumpkin guts between your fingers
  16. Wearing hats
  17. Listening to Annika sing (okay I get to do this no matter the season, but it is fun)
  18. The smell of baking cookies, pies, bread, ect
  19. Pumpkin pie & Apple pie
  20. Scented Candles


Pumpkin Patch Comparison


More Pumpkin Patch Pictures to come....


Computer Wizard?!?

I found a site online that Annika absolutely loves (Fisherprice.com) it has some online games for toddlers. She loves the Zoo Alphabet Game! All she does is click any button on the keyboard and it will advance her to the next letter (she can also learn where the letters are on the keyboard (when she hits a certain letter on the keyboard it will also go to that letter). She is really starting to pick up on a lot of the letters now. She loves the letters A,B,C, and I the most (at least those are the ones she can pick out and say on her own without any prompting from mom and dad).

I look at her and can't believe how big she is getting. She is learning something new every day. For the past week she has been telling me when she needs to go potty, the only problem is when I put her on it she never goes. Last night she told me she needed to go and I put her on it and she went. I'm not sure if that was a one time thing, but we'll find out! :)



She is starting to look a lot like a little girl now and not my baby anymore. But I love the age she is at. She loves to talk, read, and sing (as seen in previous posts).

In this picture she looks more like a little girl and less like a baby.



Curiosity Killed the Cat...

Or not....but it did kill her spirit! :)

I was talking to my mom on the phone and heard a tinking noise....I went to see what it was and this is what I found!

Somehow our dumb cat got that doll stand around her neck!

I'm not quite sure how she did, but I HAD to take pictures! She sure didn't like it around her neck and just laid there with a broken spirit! :) Oh the joys of animals...they sure are entertaining!


Blessed Sunday

Today was a great day at church. We had our 3rd Annual Harvest Homecoming! This is when we invited people from years past back to our church. What a blessing it is to meet and get to know so many people who have attended our church at one point. The offering that is taken during the morning service goes to the building fund (we are in desperate need of more room in our church and a larger fellowship hall). The teen currently meet in our home on Wednesday evenings b/c there is not room in the church with the prayer meeting and Bible Study for the adults and the Kids4Truth program in the small fellowship hall. What a blessing to say that God saw fit to provide $3,000 today for the building fund!! Isn't God GREAT!!

Here is a short slide show of what Annika's been up to lately. She loves playing with her doll and feeding her. The last three photos are from this morning. I love this outfit I picked it up at a garage sale for $1 (one of the reasons why I like it soo much)! :) I took her picture before church because I thought by the time we were done with the Morning Service, the Fellowship dinner, and the afternoon service, I thought she'd be tired...I put her down for a nap at 3:00 with a book and she was singing until she finally fell asleep 30 minutes later! :)

Now off to watch the Packers!! One of the few times we actually get to watch!


Pumpking Carving

I went to a ladies retreat at Camp Chetek last weekend and got to bring home a free pumpkin. Annika "helped" me carve it the other day. She was not a big fan of touching the insides. She does not like to get her hands dirty unless it has something to do with food and since the pumpkin didn't taste good she did not want to touch it.

Here's a short slide show of her:


Fall Photo Shoot

Last week I took Annika outside to get some new photos for a photo frame in my house. It holds five photos and I would like to change it according to season (well it has not changed since last fall). :) Here are some of the new ones I took.



Annika LOVES to sing...I'm not exaggerating when I say she sings anywhere. She will sing before she goes to bed, when we are reading to her, when she is in the bathtub, when she's in the shopping cart at a store, in her car seat, or even at 3:30 in the morning when she's suppose to be sleeping (yes we've heard her do this). I was able to get a few minutes of her on video!

Here are a few pictures of her from last Sunday on our way out the door to church!