Fun Day?!?

Today started out as a not so fun day with Annika waking at 5:40am screaming. For most of the morning from 5:40-9:30 she screamed. She napped from 9:30am until about 12:00 (which I have to say was nice, I got a lot of work done in the house). When she woke she ate lunch and then we decided to try out the finger paints (pictures can be seen below). The end results of the finger paints...she wasn't too thrilled (especially b/c they did not taste good). :) Yes my kid eats just about anything (i.e. raw rhubarb and liked it)...but not finger paints!

After the finger paints we thought we'd try making some blonde brownies for the youth group meeting tonight. She liked stirring the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and the salt (pics can be seen below).

After that another short nap and then outside time which she always enjoys!!


The Como Zoo


The Lord's Prayer

Someone sent this to my facebook account and I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you!

It's very cute...enjoy!


A Hiking We Will Go

Today was a not so windy and chilly day that David, Annika, and I decided to go to Interstate State Park in Taylor Falls, MN.

Here are a few pictures! Enjoy!

***NOTE: some are duplicates (I just messed with the color and zoom options on our iphoto program)


Think I'll Go For a Walk....

Today the neighbor and her kids came over to play (she had some relatives fly in from California and she wanted them to sleep for a bit) so she brought her kids over to play. Annika was thrilled she loves playing with these kids.

Today was even more fun because Katie (this is my neighbor) came with baby Ean (he's about 4 weeks old somewhere around there).

Elizabeth decided that she wanted to put baby Ean in the stroller so Katie strapped him in (he looked pretty comfortable).

Then all the kids decided they needed to take turns getting their picture taken with Ean. Annika usually does not like babies in her stroller (okay baby dolls) if I put a doll in her stroller she will usually take the doll out and throw it on the ground (it's a good thing she did not do it to baby Ean. But she did look more interested in it. She was not happy when we moved her from behind the stroller so the other kids could get their pictures taken with Ean. She even pushed him around a bit (with Ean's big sister, Elizabeth to help her). Here's a few pics....they are really cute!


Garage Sale, O Garage Sale

We had the North Branch Area Garage sale last weekend. I went Thursday-Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Thursday I went with Marlene and Felicity. It was kind of windy and over all we had a good time. Friday we went with Grandma Gabi (our neighbor) it was a little rainy but again we had a good time and Saturday I went on my own. I was able to sell a few things at a garage sale that a lady in our church was having. I made approximately $26.00 not bad ( I sold a small box of baby clothes and two strollers). Not bad, I sold one stroller for what I paid for it ($3) and another one for $5 less than I paid for it (not bad) and the clothes I sold for a little more than I paid for them.

I got some steals of a deal! Here's a list of what I got....

  1. Wicker white hamper for Annika's room ($2)
  2. Fisher Price Tea Set-including tray, teapot 4 cups and saucers, creamer and sugar dish ($3)
  3. Brand new (still had the tags on it) Osh Kosh Blue Jean bib overall jumper and pink striped shirt ($2)
  4. Numerous pairs of jeans (averaging about 75 Cents a pair)
  5. Fisher Price Horse she can ride on ($2)
  6. A snack tray (complete with spoon) to take in the car for our trip to Washington (50 cents)
  7. A "down" filled vest, very cute!! ($1.50)
  8. A pair of socks (10 cents) these were bought to keep her hands warm as it was kind of chilly, but she can wear them on her feet also)!!
  9. Baby Einstien videos (50 cents each). Annika does not sit down long enough to watch tv at all and here I sat her down with one of these videos...she watched the whole thing.
  10. Numerous shirts (about 50 cents a shirt)
  11. Last but not least...this really, super cute hat and shawl...I paid $5 for it and while it seems a bit much...I couldn't pass up the hat!!! I love it!!