A new dress **UPDATED**

I finally finished a dress I started making for Annika a few weeks ago. It turned out pretty good. It was my first dress from a pattern that I made. It included a zipper, pleats, bias tape and lots of taking apart and re-sewing! :) But it's finished and pretty cute. It will probably fit her next fall also! A few pics....

After all was said and done I really did like the jumper I was just a bit discouraged about the back seam not matching up (where the pleats are) so I sat down tonight and figured out a way to fix it (taking it apart was not an option since I had already re-did the zipper twice) so I added some accents on. Here's what I came up with:

The back:The front:
Close-up of the flower:

"I Do"

Well they are married and off!

My sister and my new brother-in-law got married last weekend! The wedding went well and was beautiful! My nieces made an adorable flower girl and junior brides made and my sister made a beautiful bride!


Sandwich Bags: $1.79

Safety Pins $1.49

30 Minutes of Entertainment............PRICELESS!!!


For the love of Hats

A lady in my church mentioned that I should make a scrapbook with all of the pictures I have of Annika in hats. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE HATS!! So I put together a slide show of Annika with all her hats.

Note: she owns more hats then this!


Good Morning and Outside Fun

Every morning I go into Annika's room to get her this is the sight I see:

And here is the video you've been asking about mom (Annika on her power wheel):