We are about to leave on vacation (well in about an hour when David gets home). But I wanted to take some time and get these pictures up before I leave...so without further ado!

The title has to do with this picture. I came into Annika's room the other day (she was being rather quiet and we all know that if it's quiet it may not be good) well with the help of her potty (the most use her potty has got) as a step stool she was able to reach her jars w/ her hair clips. Well here's what she did with them...she was working very hard!

Maybe she'll help me be more organized in the future!

Annika wanted to "read" to Donovan again (she loves doing this and he loves it also)!
Finally fits in his baseball caps!

And because she's adorable (and showing off the new belt I made her)!
Last but not least my favorite picture of the week! :)

Wanted to add...I showed this picture to Annika and said Donovan is eating Annika. Her reply, "No he's not, he's just licking Annika."



It's been busy around here and will get just a little bit more busy as we get ready to leave for vacation on Thursday!! :)

The other night one of David's roommates from college called and asked if he wanted to get online and play a game.

Like Father, Like Son!
Donovan loved it!! I love the expression on Donovan's face!!

Annika and I have been crafting quite a lot while Donovan has been sleeping. One day in particular we made a "fishing pond" for her. She had fun playing with it for quite awhile.

And last but not least...doesn't Donovan look thrilled! :)


For the Love of Marshmallows!

Someone shared this video with me and I thought it was too funny not to share!! :)

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

I have a feeling Annika would eat 1/2 the marshmallow like the little girl in the movie and put the rest on the plate and expect another because hers was still on the plate. :)


Corn, Zuchinni, Kids, and Tomatoes

Yesterday was a busy day. Daddy had to get up and meet with some people and than head to a funeral in the cities. While mommy was home with the kiddos. So Mommy and kiddos got up and dressed and headed out to some garage sales (wasn't much out there). After the garage sales we went out to watch a boy in our church play football. He did a good job. Than we came home and the little ones took much needed naps! :) After that we decided to cut up some stuff from our garden (oh and stuff others gave us) so last night we froze some sweetcorn, zucchini, and tomoatoes. Here's a short video clip of Annika helping daddy with the sweet corn.

Also there was a mound of dishes...someone had to do them:

Next on the list....the bathroom. :)Disclaimer: Our child really didn't do all the dishes and we don't make her clean the bathroom either. ;)

Oh and Donovan just looks lost in this picture...daddy was talking to me and it was soo hard to listen b/c this is the look he had on his face the whole time. :)
Than bedtime finally came and look who conked out (w/ her blanket of choice) such a sweet girly blanket isn't it?!? :) She's gearing up for the big opener tomorrow! :)
Have a Great Lord's Day!!



My Bad Boy! Uncle Ben LOVES Harley Davidson's...so this is for you Uncle Ben!


Nursery Graduate!

Well it's official...Annika has graduated from the nursery at our church. She has been in Jr. Church since the middle of the summer and started Sunday School last week and tonight she starts her first night in Kids 4 Truth! She is going to be a "Discoverer" It's shocking how fast time has gone!

Here's a picture of her all ready to go (an hour early) :) Is this 2.5 years old going on 16 or what?!? :)


And b/c we can't forget Van-man

Peace Out! :)

And b/c he's adorable!