I LOVE to sew!! I love making things and it's kind of a stress relief for me. However I haven't had much time for it lately (although this past week is different since I'm helping a lady with her daycare and I don't have much to do there, I bring my sewing stuff with me). But when I'm home I need to work sewing into Van's sleep schedule. I took this picture (w/ my new camera) and couldn't resist sharing it...I call it...

The reason I don't sew as much!



Some friends in our church invited the kids and I to go sledding! Annika once she was use to it had a blast! Donovan enjoyed going down also! ;)


Annika's New Haircut!

Annika has been in need of a haircut for a while now. I just couldn't justify paying $12 on a hair cut that would probably take about 10 minutes (max) to cut. I finally decided to try and cut it myself (after much debating in my head). I think it turned out pretty good (just don't look to close)! ;) I didn't want it quite so short, but I couldn't get her to sit still.

Before: Her hair was pretty thin and just needed to be cleaned up (especially in the back).

After: Pardon the hair in her face (she wasn't to thrilled to have to stop playing so mommy could take her picture).


New Camera and Alphabet!

I got a new camera!! Our deal was that if I saved up half the money we could use our Christmas money to buy a new camera....I finally was able to save up! I LOVE my new camera!! It's a Nikon D5000 SLR 12.3 mega pixel.

Here's a few pictures:

Check out this face:
Even the pictures that don't turn out the greatest still look good!
The kids playing on Saturday morning!
I did nothing special for this one, just pointed it at the pine tree and took a picture! Can you imagine the photos this "baby" would take when I actually try and do something like this! ;)
It also has HD movie capabilities...which means what?!?! You getter better movie quality!!! Annika has been pretty adamant on working on her alphabet so she can "go to school" in the fall and wear her "new school tennis shoes." (not sure how she got stuck on new school shoes). :) I am planning on doing a few things this fall with her. But for now we are working on the alphabet. She did pretty good in the video (but actually did better right before when we sat at the lunch table and went through it, she only missed 4 letters). But I think she does a pretty good job!

And while I'm still waiting for the video to load I thought I'd add this picture of Van-man. He LOVES to stand (well outside the exersaucer when I put him in it he's not too thrilled). This was taken on my 'old' camera (I'm charging the battery of the new one). Look how little he looks! The exersaucer is set on the lowest setting.

Oh and don't feel bad for the 'old' camera because we plan on having him stick around! So it won't be the last you see from him, you'll just see more from the 'new guy'! :)


Donovan's 6 month pictures

(a bit late).

I had some great light shinning through the kitchen windows today and thought it would be a great time to take Van's 6 month pictures (since it's too cold to go by our favorite rock!

Here's what I got:

One's not showed in the slide for some reason:

From Donovan

From Donovan

From Donovan

Gotta love the two front teeth and all the drool! ;)


Happenings at the Stertz Household...

**Note: all of these pictures can be enlarge by clicking on them!**

First off, Donovan got to take his first bath (sitting up) in the big bathtub, he LOVED it! Check out that smile!
How's that for a face?!?


Daddy and Annika were playing with play dough and this is what they came up with.

I got a new sewing pattern from Grandma Gabi. I thought I'd give it a try (this was my first time going off a pattern for sleeves and buttonholes). I really enjoyed making this and I think it turned out pretty good!

And of course a shot of Little Miss Annika in it (and go figure after tons of pictures the one that turned out the best is the one of her not even in the center of the camera)!


Outside Fun!

Getting ready to head out!
Annika was VERY excited to play outside!
Donovan didn't care either way! He didn't stay out to long...he went to bed!
After climbing up the "mountain"...
We built a snow(wo)man!But Lincoln likes carrots!
Luckily we were able to get it back!

A few pictures of the kiddos outside!


About Me...

...the blogger! :) I don't often post about myself, but I hit a milestone and accomplished one of my goals for the new year!

I had 3 main goals for the new year:

1. To read one nonfiction book a month (I'm finishing up my February book and already started my March book)!!

2. To keep my house cleaner on a daily basis (not to get so far behind), I was doing good until last week when I worked daycare and got sick, but I'm back on top of it for the most part!

3. To loose weight (Everyone's goal for the new year right?!?!) :) This is the one I'm most excited about b/c this is the one I REALLY have to work at! To help me do this I started using Weight Watchers (just on my own). A friend gave me all of her stuff and I started it about 5 weeks ago and I am happy to say that as of today I have lost 10 pounds!! :) I am down to a little under my pre-pregnancy weight and can fit back into my old clothes (in fact if anything they are a bit big, but I'll manage)!!! ;)

Thanks for letting me share this!

And because a post isn't a post without pictures (and I have none of me, I'll post some of the kiddos this morning painting)

Annika LOVES to paint (just not with her fingers) :)

I have also been more diligent on working on the alphabet with Annika and she can now recognize all the letters of the alphabet except for about 10 of them (not bad for a girl of not yet three)!! :)

Donovan also enjoyed painting although he really just wanted to eat the paper! :) Check out the skinny arms on this kid!

So I guess it wasn't completely about me after all! ;)


Book Review

The Silent Governess
Julie Klassen

Forced to leave her home with a secret, Olivia Keene eventually finds herself at the charge of Lord Bradley, who employs her as an under-nurse for his dear niece and nephew.

Lord Bradley has a few secrets of his own and not wanting Olivia to share those secrets he gives her little choice than to become an under-nurse. Lord Bradley believes he is safe for now since Olivia has injured her throat and cannot speak. Will either of their secrets get out? Will they come to an understanding?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. When I picked it up to read it I had a hard time putting it down. Klassen did a wonderful job developing the characters as well as the plot. She took me back into the 19th century and to the happenings at Brightwell Court.

I would recommend this book to anyone. It was a great read and a fun read! I look forward to reading more books from Julie Klassen.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of reviewing.