Baby Update!

It's a GIRL!!!!

Annika was very excited to hear this! When the ultrasound tech said "it's a girl" Annika put her fist in the air and had a big smile on her face!

I have a few pictures to share. We got well over 15 pictures...I believe it was closer to 30 (and a DVD) but baby wasn't co-operating to well so the pictures aren't the greatest (I think that's why we ended up with so many, the ultra sound tech I think felt bad).

A few pictures:




Everything is checking out good! Baby weighs in about 13 ounces and my due date is the same (August 13th).

The only problem is that I have placenta previa. Which is common in pregnancy (although this is the first time I've had it). Basically it means the placenta is in the way of delivering baby and if the placenta doesn't move up than a C-section is required (you can read more if you click on the link, if you want the long version). In most preganacies this rights itself and by the end things are just fine. I'm guessing ours will also, but just in case I go back in at 28 weeks for another ultrasound. I can't complain to much as I've only had one ultrasound for each child, so I'm looking forward to see what baby looks like at 28 weeks. :)

And less you think they could be wrong (since they were with Annika) we'll take a second look than! :)


A Big Boy and New Shirt

I just wanted to share a picture of Van that I took a few days ago. He doesn't look to much like my little baby anymore. :) He's getting so big! He's getting ready to turn 21 months old and he is amazing us everyday with the things he is learning! He's still on the short side (but that's okay so is his mom and she's made it thus far). ;)


This is the shirt I made for him. I wasn't allowed to share it until now as it was in the testing stage (I was one of the testers). I had so much fun making this shirt! It was my first time making a shirt out of knit (stretchy t-shirt-like material) and doing neck binding. The neck binding was A TON easier than I thought (I don't know what I was so afraid of). I have wanted to tackle neck binding for awhile now.

This shirt was really cheap to make as all the fabric you see is from the thrift store (striped fabric was $2 for 4 yards and red fabric $1.50 for 3 yards) except the neck binding. I had a hard time getting it off him and he really liked it!

I have one more made, it's just waiting for some neck binding (which I'm waiting for a piece to arrive in my mailbox from a friend). ;)


Van "Performs" ;)

Donovan took a short nap today (only about 1.5 hours). I'm not sure he was feeling all that great when I put him down tonight. But he had a good afternoon (he actually slept less than his sister...which is saying a lot b/c she's not a big napper, but she's just getting over being sick...the good ole' MN crud...as called by many people near us).

But I was able to take a few videos of him and the things he has learned:

First up is a video of him counting. We are thinking he learned to count from Annika for two main reasons.
1) I know personally I have not worked with him all that much, and...
2) He skips the number 12 when he counts...so does his sister! :)

Next ups is a video of him singing the ABC's (w/ help). But he does a pretty good job! :)

He also loves the Tupperware shape ball.

He's been able to put the shapes in these for a bit now. I love to watch him (and Annika) learn new things. He's definitely learning a lot! Now if we could just get him to tell me he has to go potty BEFORE he goes! ;) But he's still little still! :)


Look Who Turned 4!

Born at 9:33 am, March 6, 2007

Taken at 9:33 am, March 6, 2008

Taken at 9:33 am, March 6, 2009

Taken at 9:33 am, March 6, 2010

Taken at 9:33 am, March 6, 2011


A Party Fit for a Princess!

Annika asked me if she could have a princess party with some girls over. I figured that would be just fine. So we sent out invitations to 5 little girls at church. Today all the little girls came over and I had a house full of 6 princess (and 1 prince).

Annika had a great time! If you click here you can see pictures from her party! Than you can click on the first picture and just press the arrow key over to see larger images.


A few Random Pictures...

He matches the couch...well the top 1/2 of him. Not sure what he's looking at. :)

Last Sunday Annika made crowns in both Sunday School and Junior Church. Van is still in the nursery so he did not get one. Annika shared! :)

A Close up: Just when I thought he was growing into his ears! ;)

Something you may not have known about Annika, but she ALWAYS naps in her PJ's. She hates to wear jeans to bed (which I don't blame her). Well last Sunday she came out and dressed herself in these PJ's pretty cute, huh?!?!

Also impressive, check how far she got them zipped up! :) Pretty good for on backwards! :)

Making blonde brownies for the evening service fellowship! 

I got some tags in the mail (mama made tags) to put on my sewing and the Annika and Van LOVED them! It kept them busy while I finished up lunch!
If you can't tell Annika loves these pj's! We got them in a hand-me-down box of clothes and she would live in them! Except at night to sleep in (she gets to hot, so changes and will put these back on when she wakes up and sleeps in them at nap time). I do get them off of her long enough to wash! :)

Seeing this last pictures also reminded me (it was taken Monday after I got back): I went to the doctor on Monday (2nd pre-natal appointment). Everything looks good, heard the heart beat it was 146 (always a sweet sound)! We have our 20 week ultrasound 3 weeks from Monday. 

We (more so me) really are going back on forth on wanting a surprise (not knowing whether boy or girl). We "knew" with Annika what we were having (although they were wrong so we were kind of...or rather really surprised). :) We knew for sure with Van. I think we are more leaning toward knowing so we can plan on what to do about rooms (whether baby will share a room with Annika or Van). Although I guess it doesn't matter since for the first few months baby will be in the living room (mommy doesn't sleep well and adding a grunting baby in the room doesn't help). ;) We tried it with Annika, she was in the same room with us oh for about 3 days. With Van...well we didn't even try. He was in the spare room right next door.

Another reason I want to know....I want to sew some baby things! ;)

Just wanted to share this fun story about Annika and going to the doctors!

I woke Annika the morning of my appointment to get her ready (we had to leave earlier than their normal wake up time), but I asked her if she was ready to go to the doctor. She told me she did not want to go. Annika hasn't been to the doctor much in her life besides her well-baby check ups (which stop at 2 years old). Well she did end up going the Emergency Room. In which they gave her medicine (she HATES medicine...and who can blame her). :) Well she was not to happy about going even when she found out that the appointment wasn't for her but for mommy. So laying in her tent (um...yes she hasn't slept in a bed since she got her tent on December 17th for an early Christmas present), I told her that mommy had to get a shot (really they just needed to do some blood tests - regular pregnancy stuff) and asked her if she wanted to come and see. To which Annika with a smile on her face shook her head...I wasn't sure whether to be pleased that she wanted to go or not.... 

Well she did watch and didn't think much of it. Let me tell you for two small kids in a waiting room, mine did pretty good. Van my NOT shy little boy kept singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and impressed everyone with his counting abilities. He can count up to 13 now (kind of, I noticed that he forgets the number 12...which is kind of funny b/c when Annika counts she also forgets the number 12...guess he's learning from her)! :)