Smiles All Around

I'm not sure if I shared these two photos on here in a slide show or not, but they turned out really good so I thought I'd share them when they weren't moving! :)




A Little Under the Weather

Poor Annika and Donovan aren't feeling the greatest today. We've got coughs and runny noses all around (thankfully no fevers). I love this picture of the two of them (bummed it's a little blurry). Annika decided she was going to sit on the couch next to Donovan and read him a book. He is just staring at her...I love it!!


Recent Fun

It's been awhile (34 pictures here)! :)


A Very Happy Little Girl!

Every girl needs a doll house right?!? Well I was able to get this one for Little Miss Annika yesterday from a garage sale...


Check out the pop-up camper and car! :) And the little girl who was very excited to play with it this morning...still in pj's! :)

Miss Annika's favorite part...the babies!

Now the best part....how much did it cost?!?!

I only paid $2 for everything!!!!


Donovan's First....Annika's Last

Donovan went to his first Twins game a week ago. He did very well, he wanted to sleep through the whole thing. I think he really enjoyed it because he got to be held the whole time!

Annika went to her last Twins game (until she's older of course). She has been to 6 games in her short life (in 2 years) the reason this was her last is because she is now over 30 inches tall and we actually need to purchase her a ticket. She enjoys going but doesn't sit still real well and we don't want to pay for a ticket for her if all she's going to want to do is play around. She doesn't seem to hurt by this. :) But she did have a good time.