Swim Time Fun

The neighbor lady and I decided to take our kids for a swim. She has 4 boys, David 7, Matthew 5, Joshua 2, and Timmy 2 months. And I took Annika we had a fun time with not to many "no splashing" comments! :) Here is a slide of us in the pool with the boys and Annika. :) However, I did not get a picture of Matthew....sorry Matty!

Annika usually likes the water, but she wasn't too happy when I put her in it today, the water was a little cold, she did start to get use to it, then it was time to go home. We'll try again later. The last few pictures are of Annika wrapped in a snuggly towel (my grandma, Annika's great-grandma) made it for her and we love it!!


Please Pray...

On Wednesday evening before church Chisago County (the county which we live in) had tornado watches out. A family from a nearby town shared that on their way to church the "alarm" started to sound. All was calm at church. David was in the middle of giving a short devotional before prayer time when all of a sudden you could hear these little "ting" noises here and there and eventually they got louder and louder. When we looked out the window we saw hail. It started out as little pieces about dime or nickel size and then eventually got to be about the size of golf balls (as shown in the picture). A nearby town reported that they had baseball and softball size hail, which caused some serious damage. A few families showed up late for church, including a lady who farms. She came in and asked that we pray for their family at this time because the hail had ruined much of their crop. She said in all the years in which she has been farming (she has lived on this farm since she was born, so around 40 years) she has never seen it this bad. So if you have a few minutes please pray specifically for the Wilcox family and also the Sellman Family. These are two families in which farming is their main source of income for their families.

I have included a slide show of some pictures that were taken by a family in our church while at home during and after the storm (they were running late b/c of miscommunication on when church started...not their fault. We were transitioning from our Wed. evening K4T program to our summer Bible Study). :) So here are their boys outside with some of the hail after the storm. Also included is pictures from the morning after the storm...


Swimsuit Model?!?

I bought Annika her first swimsuit. It's a little big now, but will fit her perfectly when we go on vacation this fall. It was a GREAT garage sale buy. It was brand new with the tags still on and I only paid a $1!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a swimsuit?!?

Annika thought she'd do a little pose for you!


Annika and Casey's trip to New Lisbon

Annika and I took the train to New Lisbon to visit my family. Annika did really well on the trip (she slept most of the time). My sister Sheila and her fiance Ben came from Virginia, this was the first time they have seen Annika. We had a family get together and we went and visited my dad and Bonnie. It was a fun trip we both enjoyed! Here are some pictures from our trip (just click on the picture).

Annika's train ride to N.L.