Pumpkin Patch Preview

We took Annika to a pumpkin patch to get some pictures. It was a quick trip (she was not feeling the greatest, but seemed happy for the time being so we did a quick photo shoot). I plan to go again with my neighbor lady and her 4 kids. I will post a few pictures and there will be more to come....probably sometime later this week. :)


Mirror, Mirror on the wall.....

Annika found her new favorite thing.....herself! :)

(Hence the kisses) :)

Here are a few pictures....

Loves kissing herself

"Two" Cute!


"Mom, whatcha doin'?? I'm tryin' to play!!!"


Sunday's Best

While we were expecting our boy, I went through the boxes and boxes of boy stuff given to me by others and while it was fun. It however is not quite as fun for me as going through girl things. I just wanted to share a couple pictures of Annika's Sunday's best with you.

The first dress was bought by daddy (picked out by mom)! :)

The second dress was bought by Mrs. Christine Hindt. Christine's favorite color is pink. She loves to shop for little girl things (probably because she has three boys). Annika has gotten very spoiled by her. We wanted to thank Christine again for this outfit. She also purchase a brown corduroy pea coat to match this outfit (it was not cold enough to wear the coat last Sunday).



On the Move...

Annika has been on the go for about a week now. She loves to "creep" especially if she sees something she wants...especially the cat!! Here is a short video of her creeping (aka army crawl). Hope you enjoy!

(sorry about Lincoln and Zoe fighting in the background :)


Where has the time gone...6 months

Annika turned six months old today...wow where has the time gone?!?

Annika 6 months ago March 6, 2007 (9:33 am): 7 pounds 15 oz. 21 inches long

Annika today September 6, 2007 (9:33 am): 15 pounds 25 inches long

Luckily I did not wake her from a nap (she was already awake) and luckily she was happy!

(I thought this was such a good idea posting a then and now picture. Thanks Karen!)


MN Twins Game

Casey and I (Annika included) decided on a whim to go down and see the Twins play the Royals on Friday night. Of course, watching a team like the Twins (who are quickly falling out of playoff contention) play the Royals (one of the worst teams in the league) does not usually make for an exciting game. Well, it turned out to be one of the best games that I ever been too! First of all, we pulled into the parking garage and parked right next to a good friend of mine who we didn't even know was going to the game! It was pretty funny considering there are only 50 parking garages that you could go to in a metro area that has over a million people! But then again, this was the cheapest garage to park in and since we are both assistant pastors...you figure it out.

They had tickets...we did not. So Casey and I walked up to a guy that was selling tickets and we bought two decent seats for half price - $10 a ticket. I was pretty happy until I got to the gate and they were for the first makeup game that was played earlier that day! So I ran all the way back and fortunately the guy was still there. He made an honest mistake, give us five bucks back, and gave us seats in the same section.

Now to the game. Scott Baker pitched for the Twins. He is a 25 year old pitcher who carries a 4. whatever ERA. In other words, he is not the greatest pitcher. But on this night he was stellar. He pitched a perfect game until the ninth inning and when I say perfect - I mean no walks and no hits. In the ninth inning he walked a Royal and it is the only time I have every heard 30,000 fans boo when the pitcher played like that (I think they were booing the ump). In the end, just to see a near-perfect game was well worth the trip even though we were watching two out of contention teams. We all had a great time!

Grandma Gabi & Stamping....

Today "Grandma" Gabi came over (Grandma Gabi wonderful lady in our church who loves to be a grandma to those who don't have grandparents near by) to stamp with me. We had a great time. She was here for 3 hours and we 4 cards made. David came home and said I could of worked that long and bought more than 4 cards (men...what do they know about stamping). :) Anyways, Annika was such a good girl (she has her moments, more so than not). :) Until we were getting ready to clean up and Annika decided she wanted to fuss a bit so Gabi put Annika on her lap, Annika then decided she wanted to stamp too. Here is a short slide show of Annika stamping...well...kind of.